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    Der_Echte's review on Stiga Calibra LT

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    Stiga Calibra LT
    4.00 (4 reviews) Price: $60
    4.00 [4.00]Calibra LT will Pump YOU Up
    • Warp Speed
    • Moar Speed
    • Where's da spin?
    Calibra LT is a medium hard sponged modern offensive rubber that excells in fast rallies requiring a rubber with the fastest speed to pressure or finish points. It performs best on stiff, solid, composite blades. This is the FH rubber of choice for those who want to hammer their opponents into submission.

    Read that first sentence again and if you fail to comprehend it, read it again. If you are looking for a mushy Euro/Japanese rubber for your BH, go take a hike up Mt Everest and come back. You are barking up the wrong tree.

    That said, Calibra LT still has shiny performance in some other departments you wouldn't attribute it for. The short receive is much better than you would think for a rocket rubber, it is actually not so spin reactive on the touch shots, so that is a plus for someone's game flexibility. Flat flips and flip kills are also suprisingly easier with this rubber over a more conventional modern rubber. You wont be bananna flipping like a monkey though, just about any softer modern rubber will perform that task 10X better.

    What you buy Calibra LT for is to get into and hopefully Dominate those topspin to topspin exchanges from distance. If you already have a powerful stroke, AND you got you an OFF or better solid composite blade, your setup might need to be registered as a weapon of mass destruction. Countertopsins must simply be experienced with such a blade to truely understand the damage you can cause to either pressure your opponet with overwhelming pace or finish the point outright. Calibra LT on a composite blade that is on the solid heavy side will take your opponents medium fast or fast loop, shoot it back at him with more pace and good spin while you laugh like Woody Woodpecker. You might also have a good (Perhaps a fake heavy) No-spin serve that gets your opponent to return it a tad higher than he wanted, or it comes back long. In this case, you sic your LT dog on that ball and it is point over By-ya. Flat hits and smashes close to table are monster power and pace, just what some close to table attackers want. This could be a hitters dream, but the modern macho man player usually wants to powerloop, which LT does on the money.

    You can open heavy and slow, but the margin for error is very thin, just about every other modern rubber will outperform Calibra LT in this aspect.

    You have to ask yourself some questions as a player to figure out what you do most and select equipment that suits that the best. If you are mostly bumping back a serve and then going right into aggressive fast topspins, than Calibra LT will serve you well. If you are a balanced allround flexible attacking player, you will find many better options than Calibra LT.
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