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    Der_Echte's review on Nexy Spear

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    Nexy Spear
    4.00 (1 reviews) Price: $60
    4.00 [4.00]Spear is a good first step
    • Control
    • Decent top end
    • Spin
    • Wont do dishes
    The Nexy Spear is one of the first attempts at a Dual Impact effect wood blade. It works as you get a lower gear and when you make that "Bang" impact coveted by Koreans, you get rewarded with a fast ball.

    This blade is for a player who wants a blade that can feel at home both hitting and topspinning while learning your game. It doesn't do everything outstanding, but does most things very well. That is the attribute you look for when selecting a blade that you will learn the game with.

    Spear is typical of most OFF- class blade in the things it does well and the degree it does them too, but with Spear, you get a good low end, a little better top end, and a blade face that has a Spear poking through something and spilling blood.

    Isn't that what you want to do to opponents in TT?
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