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    Tony's Table Tennis's review on Xiom Vega China VM

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    Xiom Vega China VM
    4.00 (2 reviews) Price: $45
    4.00 [4.00]Great DHS alternative
    • Consitent
    • Tensor sponge
    • Not very tacky
    • expensive
    A great substitute for a DHS H3 / H3 Neo rubber.
    The Xiom Vega China comes with a ESN/Tensor sponge, but pretty hard sponge.
    The topsheet is pretty lively and only has a gentle tack to it (can't hold the balls for more than 3 seconds).

    This is almost like a hybrid (half chinese half euro), but I will push the scale more towards Chinese for the sake of the hard sponge, which allows these benefits:
    - Great service possiblities
    - Great blocking possiblities

    The Tensor sponges also allows a powerful forehand top spin game, from close to mid distance from the table.
    The harder sponge allows a "on the bounce top spin drive" extremely deadly.

    The con is the weight, as this is likely one of the heavier alternatives in the market. But if you pair it with the right blade and other rubber, the total weight can be manageable.

    I recomend this to be a forehand rubber - an alternative to H3/H3 Neo.
    I rank it in the range of provincial versions, and I did not tune/boost mine.
    Durability went well for over 6 months of "random coaching/fun play"
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    Ilia Minkin
    >I recomend this to be a forehand rubber - an alternative to H3/H3 Neo. Does it similar to boosted or unboosted H3?
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