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    Xylit's review on JOOLA Rhyzm 425

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    JOOLA Rhyzm 425
    5.00 (3 reviews) Price: $55
    5.00 [5.00]Satisfying rubber
    • Good control
    • Very spinny
    I have been a Tenergy05 player for some years, however, I was always looking for a cheaper alternative. After testing quite a lot rubbers I finally found the Rhyzm 425 with similar characteristics as the Butterfly rubber.

    With good control it is easy to do both slow and fast, well-placed blocks.

    Topsins at the table are no problem, even against heavy underspin players. The only thing where I liked Tenergy05 better is at counterlooping a few steps behind the table. It is no problem with Rhyzm 425 neither but the ball's feeling is slightly worse.

    As the rubber is rather spinny, you can generate a lot of spin varieties with your service.

    On average I play six hours a week, after three months the rubbers' characteristics decline noticeable and I buy a new one.
    I use this rubber both on my forehand and backhand with JOOLA TPE Nature blade.

    In conclusion, I have been playing Rhyzm 425 for two years now and for me it is a good alternative to expensive Tenergy05.
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