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    yogi_bear's review on Xiom Feel ZX1

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    Xiom Feel ZX1
    3.00 (1 reviews) Price: $
    3.00 [3.00]Great midrange looping blade
    The ZX1 has burnt or heat treated limba outer plies. The Xiom website has pictures of the ZX1 having hinoki outer pleis but in reality it has limba outer. I think this was just an error posting in Xiom's part. The ZX1 is a lightweight offensive blade with good control. It is about 85-87 grams in weight and weight distribution is towards the head. Mine is almost head heavy with Xiom Omega V pro and Euro rubbers. The ZX1 is the slowest among the ZX blades. It has a loser feel to the old innerforce alc blade or the carbonado 145. The ZX1 is a flexy blade that looping is its big advantage. It is not as fast as the ZX2 or 3 but it can be compensated by using faster rubbers. Although, a lot of people would prefer the ZX2 and ZX3 blades due to their extra pwoer and speed, the ZX1 is enough for most people with average skills.
    The ZX1 feels more woody than being a composite blade. This is a good thing because this is for people who want a faster blade than just an all wood blade but does not want a sacrifice of the wood feel, the ZX1 is an excellent blade for them. The ZX1 has a medium arc when looping. I have tried both the Xiom Omega V Europe and a Chinese rubber on the blade. Both rubbers can loop really great when using the ZX1.
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