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    yogi_bear's review on Xiom Feel ZX3

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    Xiom Feel ZX3
    5.00 (1 reviews) Price: $
    5.00 [5.00]Super attacking blade
    The Xiom ZX3 blade is the flagship blade of the Xiom Feel Series. This is also the most expensive blade among the 8 newly released blades in the Feel series. I had the opportunity to play with this blade for several weeks at the same time testing this. The ZX3 has a very high quality craftsmanship. Although it doesn't say on the blade surface that this is kiso hinoki, I have confirmed that this is kiso hinoki as what the HX Pro and HX blades are also made from. This is a very fast blade. This is the 2nd fastest blade in the Feel series with the HX Pro being the fastest one. Some people would say that the ZX2 is the fastest because it is thicker than the ZX3 but I feel a small difference in extra speed and kick on the ball with the ZX3 compared to the ZX2. Both blades are OFF+ and stiff but the ZX3 is slightly softer than the ZX2 that it makes looping. The ZX3 is about 88-89 grams and feels slightly head heaavy. Most of the Feel blades produce are on the medium heavy or heavy side of weight. Xiom says that they intended this because the new Xiom Omega 7 Pro and Euro Versions are lighter than current ESN and Tenergy rubbers so to combine with the Feel blades will make the racket not too heavy. Anyway, the ZX3 loops great despite being a very fast blade. It is not as fast as a Schlager Carbon but a few levels slower. The blade is very bouncy but it keeps a good control. Also, despite being stiff, there is a mixed feel of softness upon impact of the ball. The ZX3 attacks really good near until far the table but even near the table the blade is very controllable. It is both a looper's blade and an aggressive loop driver/smasher blade because it can just do any attacking stroke with great precision and ease.
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