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    Giangt's review on JOOLA Rhyzm

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    JOOLA Rhyzm
    4.00 (6 reviews) Price: $50
    4.00 [4.00]Control the game
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    Joola introduced the Rhyzm early in the year 2012. The one I’ve tested was a MAX version in red. The rubber did not have any stamps stating ESN or Tensor. The Rhyzm has a hardness on 48 deg Shore C which is equivalent to approx. 36 deg Shore A. That is similar hardness to the Spring Sponge of T05. The top sheet has a bit of glossiness, but not like tacky rubbers. For testing I used the Aruna OFF blade and 40+ balls.

    The Joola Rhyzm initially felt good. It has a nice catapult and the overall feel of the rubber was above average and firm. The control was very good and the arc was medium to high. The rubber does feel soft which could be due to the pimple structure although the sponge is reasonable hard.

    When looping I could feel the Rhyzm had a good dwell time. The trajectory was similar high to T05’s and it had a very nice click sound. The combination with Hinoki outer and the Rhyzm was really good and I could easily control loops from both wings without too many errors. A feature I like was BH loop over the table.

    In the blocking gamewith the Rhyzm it is easy to control loops both spinny and fast ones. I felt it was very controllable and the stability was very good due to the “soft” feel the rubber had.

    Flicks/Short play
    The Rhyzm is a very good rubber for BH flicks. Here the softness of the rubber really came in hand helping to get grip in the ball without too much effort. Short play was also a nice with the Rhyzm. On lower load shoots the rubber became more firm which made it easy to control the balls in short play.

    Joola has developed a nice all round rubber with the Rhyzm. It play good in most aspects of the game. What I personal like about the rubber was control it had.
    You can get the Rhyzm for a reasonable price and it is a good rubber for both FH and BH.

    I would recommend the rubber to the player who favors control in his/her game and who likes to stay close to the table. Power loops from mid distance is also one of its attributes. This can be done with good control without over hitting the ball.
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