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    chintanmashroo's review on Andro Hexer Grip

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    Andro Hexer Grip
    5.00 (4 reviews) Price: $43
    5.00 [5.00]Tenergy Alternative
    • Spin
    • Blocks
    • Speed
    I just wanted to give this rubber a try as I loved Rasant Grip.

    Initial Impressions:
    Looping: Tenergy 05 alternative slightly low on speed from mid distance.
    Blocks: Less sensitive to incoming spin and can easily make placements on table
    Power Loops: Perfect rubber for power loops and backhand openings
    Spin: The rubber grabs the ball really well, making it a good weapon for spiny serves.

    If you are looking for a controlled spinny rubber to play from close to mid distance, this is the best one available in the market.
    If you find MXP - harder and Tenergy 05 difficult to control, but still want that premium grippy feel, this one is for you.
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