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    1. High Performance TT Camp in April @ Lagos, Portugal

      Last camp we were COMPLETELY FULL!

      For this one, we have over half the camp filled now!

      3 months to go, book your place on our amazing camp NOW, before it’s too late!

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      Follow Eli Baraty on Social Media

    3. Open International & High Performance Table Tennis Training Camp


      HURRY, Limited spaces and we have passed the half way mark!

      Join some of Europe’s best coaches in London,

      - efficient footwork
      - Advanced technique’s to help...
    4. International TT Training Camp in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

      Hi Everyone!!

      We are holding an International Table Tennis Training camp at Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.

      This venture is in collaboration with head coaches: David Diniz (TTPOR -Table Tennis...
    5. eBaTT -Topspin’s Summer Table Tennis Camp 2018

      For the third consecutive year, I will be in her Royal majesty’s country England at eBaTT -Topspin’s Summer Table Tennis Camp.
      If you are looking for a top quality TT Summer Training Camp, join us!...
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      And do you think you can improve something with...

      And do you think you can improve something with that advices?
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      lol it's done...long time ago...he forgot to...

      lol it's done...long time ago...he forgot to reply :)
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      Training in TTPOR, Setúbal, Portugal

      Hello guys

      Come and meet me in Portugal ;)

      In this link, https://teamup.com/kspfk5i4sz85gwcutr, You can see when i'm available.

      Visit us in http://www.ttpor.pt/index.php/en/

    9. eBaTT Table Tennis Exercise - P2 Jan 2018 (playing down the line)

      Playing down the line, Jan P2 #eBaTT#Tabletennis#Exercise - Regular exercise presented by David Diniz and myself @diniz_ttcoach...
    10. Table tennis coaching in Portugal with high performance coach David Diniz - TTPOR

      Imagine a beautiful beach at a sunny location and making it a Table Tennis holiday (best times to visit Spring and Summer due weather).
      Through this link, you can check my availability:...
    11. eBaTT Table Tennis Exercise (Regular Footwork) - P1 Jan 2018


      The Exercise:Blocker must focus on placing the ball; twice on the forehand side then twice on the backhand side, followed by forehand wide, forehand...
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      Hello my friend I apologize, and I know you...

      Hello my friend

      I apologize, and I know you submitted your video, but I think your email was deleted by mistake.

      Can you send pff again?

      Thank you very much
    13. Well, fortunately I have already some experience,...

      Well, fortunately I have already some experience, national and international, and I can say that, players of the same age and willingness to train as Ben, i do not meet every day.

      It was great...
    14. Just say "when"! We are ready :) eheh

      Just say "when"!

      We are ready :) eheh
    15. Just say when :) We are ready! eheh

      Just say when :)

      We are ready! eheh
    16. My friend Ben, thank you very much for your kind...

      My friend Ben, thank you very much for your kind words :)

      Table Tennis has united us and I hope to continue this friendship for many more years.

      Miss you already!!

      Big hug
    17. Coach me Table Tennis by Eli Baraty - November P2

      eBatt exercise November P2

      Both I and David Diniz, from Portugal, demonstrate a simple but very useful exercise.

      1 BH - 1/2 FH, great for footwork and anticipation. We aim to help people...
    18. Coach me Table Tennis by Eli Baraty - eBatt exercise P1 November 2017

      Quick, reaction and change of direction exercise, develop your game and share with us and others your experiences....
    19. eBaTT - International camps 2017 TTPOR Portugal

      Eli Baraty came to Portugal for the first time. Here's how it went:

    20. Two HUGE losses for Lin Gaoyuan. What will this mean?


      The World Table Tennis Cup is currently being played and Lin G,...
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      Coach me Table Tennis by Eli Baraty

      eBaTT - exercise of the month P2 Oct. Focusing on good ball placement. This can be done with any footwork exercise but in this case it's an irregular movement in and around the forehand side. While...
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      Improve your game doing yourself!

      Both I and Eli Baraty decided to launch an informative tips and tutorial (1st and 15th of each month).
      In doing so we aim to help people develop their game and share with us their experiences....
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