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    1. Blades: viscaria vs timo boll alc vs innelforce ALC.S which is better? and the fastes

      I am among these three woods, I don't know which one to choose, I have always played with primorac carbon, but I would like to maintain that speed with another wood, I have those options, which one...
    2. [QUOTE = EyyT; 334241] fastarc g1? [/ QUOTE] ...

      [QUOTE = EyyT; 334241] fastarc g1? [/ QUOTE]

      yes , its perfect , but in what place can i buy so much off this kind off rubber because in pre sports its out of stock :C! and in table tennis 11 its...
    3. rubbers suitable for a carbon off + and kevlar carbon off blade

      Hello everyone, I have two rackets, the first is a kreanga carbon off + and the second is a nittaku tornado king power kevlar carbon off, I wanted to know what are the right rubbers, that are not so...
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