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  1. Yes so I feel like the dead (no spin) are hard to...

    Yes so I feel like the dead (no spin) are hard to deal with, and it's hard to make people make an error on the spin as it doesn't have enough backspin.
    What type of play is suitable for such rubber?...
  2. How to learn backhand long pips chopping


    I'm an offensive player but recently already assembled a racket with long pips in my backhand. I'm actually giving people a lot of trouble and beating good players (I'm playing tier II in...
  3. Timo Ball ZLC very slow?

    Hi all,

    So I recently got the TB ZLC and put my previous rubbers Acuda S2 and Acuda S3. I found it very good on spin to spin and return serves but other than that I found it really hard to attack,...
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