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  1. Should I upgrade to a Nittaku Acoustic?

    Hello! I'm an intermediate/advanced player, developing looping style. My current setup is: FH: Rakza Z Extra Hard BH: Fastarc G-1 Blade: Tibhar Stratus Powerwood (Note: I feel that the BH combination it's just perfect! I strongly recommend Fastarc G1 with Stratus! ) I'm happy with this setup...
  2. Some video sharing

    I don't have a playing video, but a very nice gif:
  3. The 1956 WTTC collection

    Wow! Very interesting, keep it up! Nice video!
  4. Table tennis top

    I made myself one years ago. I bought a 3mx3m MDF board, 20mm thick. And then I cut it to the official table tennis table measures. It was not too hard to do, and I could have asked for the lumber to do it... And then I painted it with spray paint. It was a very nice table. And I think it will...
  5. Backhand Rubber suggestions

    I like Tibhar Evolution MX-P on my backhand, it helped me improve a lot my backhand, because it's a not too soft rubber (around 45º) and still very elastic, it suits very well the backhand mechanism and rewards a proper technique.
  6. What table tennis rubbers & blade do you use?

    BLADE: Tibhar Stratus Powerwood FH: Tibhar Evolution MX-S BH: Tibhar Evolution MX-P
  7. When you thought you were good.

    Feel you... I also thought I was better than I really am, it hurts.So I'm trying a feel things, I got a little bit better, and I hope it can help you too.One awesome trick is to keep the score in your head even in practice, like every second of your training session is a match. That way you try...