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  1. Nicest & friendliest players & officials (at Chengdu)

    Japanese women (especially Nagasaki & Kihara) seemed to be the nicest along with Sabine Winters
  2. World Team Table Tennis Championships-2022

    40 teams are chosen based on certain criteria such as World Rankings or probably winning a continental championship in previous year or something I do not know. (I do not know how Canada made it) Once upon a time all member nations of ITTF were eligible to play in this event. So I think they...
  3. WTTTC 2022 : How was the 3rd team chsen to advance in a group ?

    Below is the final 16 draw Go to the results page for final standing after first stg In the above page...
  4. Nicest & friendliest players & officials (at Chengdu)

    I admit I hate to lose but am usually friendly in general But why are others so serious in tabletennis (at various levels pro & amateur) LOL ? I can somewhat understand not smiling after a lost match but before ? Who are the nicest at Chengdu or in general (pro or amateur) ? I noticed some...
  5. WTTTC 2022 Results Pages

    Live & YouTube Videos Link
  6. Any hi top shoes for table tennis ?

    Basketball players do the same ? Involving lot of lateral & explosive movements
  7. Any hi top shoes for table tennis ?

    May I ask what that is ?
  8. WTTTC 2022 Results Pages

    You can go directly to results pages here Daily updates
  9. Any hi top shoes for table tennis ?

    Do you know of any hi top shoes from other sports that are super lite & can be used for table tennis ? I would like to mimimise the possibility of an ankle twist yet move quite fast laterally
  10. New Multi ball Feeding Robot

    What are some of the best robots with maximum features ?
  11. Help !!!! I need a large blade

    Hello, This is very nice. But do you have similar list that shows blades by measurement head length & width etc ? I was told there was a website but I heard it was closed or not being updated or not working , Do you know anything about this ?
  12. small ball heros + how the sport has grown!

    The red delete button shown appears only sometimes but not other times. In this case the same post appears three times & it seems the poster cannot delete the duplicate posts. Also I am unable to change the post title Thanks
  13. World Team Table Tennis Championships-2022

    Where did Kanak Jha come from ? LOL