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  1. Any Cpen LP users?

    Hi TTD, Any other penholders that use LP and twiddle? If so, how long are your LP's lasting due to the fingers rubbing against the pips? Mine are lasting about 2 months before I rip a hole in the sheet. is this normal? Yinhe Neptune lasted about 1.5 months, good news is that it's only like...
  2. Hiding Contact Point?!

    Exactly. I do not want an unfair advantage, especially since I am still quite new (came back after 20+ years) and don't want to get any bad habits.
  3. Hiding Contact Point?!

    Thank you for all the replies, I really appreciate it! So to avoid this issue, I will start serving to his backhand ( down the line-ish) when doing a pendulum serve. As someone suggested, if you can serve down the line, and don't hide the ball, the serve is legal.
  4. Hiding Contact Point?!

    Hi TTD, Today something odd happened at my club. I played a left handed player (never played him before), and he kept saying how he couldn't see the contact point. I kept telling him that he had to move more to his left, but he said you should be able to see the contact point from anywhere on...
  5. Rubber Recommendations

    No booster added I just glued it on and played a little with the robot. It is definitely different than the H3neo. The rubber seems much softer and less 'feeling' of the impact. But it's faster, I had to adjust my angle a bit on topspin balls. Serves are the same, just as spinny, but club...
  6. Rubber Recommendations

    I went ahead and purchased the dignics 09c and Big Dipper! Waiting a couple of weeks for the BD to arrive. Just got the 09c this morning!
  7. Rubber Recommendations

    Thank you for all the replies! I purchased a Big Dipper from Aliexpress and am looking at trying one more out. D09c, rakza Z and H8, I can't decide! Do the hybrid rubbers still require that full body stroke?
  8. Rubber Recommendations

    Thanks everyone! I will check out all the rubbers mentioned. I know a couple of club members have some of the rubbers mentioned, so I will try them out. That's a lot! I really need to practice the BH serves, but I can't put as much spin on the ball that way. Serving has to be my favorite part...
  9. Rubber Recommendations

    Hi TTD! I started playing around a month ago after being away from the sport for 20+ years. Apart from being much older than when I used to play, I am also heavier. I am a Cpen user with TPB. I figure I need to develop a FH again before venturing into RPB land. I am currently using a Viscaria...
  10. Just Joined A Local Club After 22 Years.

    It's a brand called Suz, got it from amazon. So far it seems to work as intended
  11. Just Joined A Local Club After 22 Years.

    Hey everyone, I just came back from my first day at my local club, and I got destroyed by everyone I played against (didn't win a single game either). Last time I played against someone, the games were to 21, the ball was smaller and I weighed way less than I do now! I bought a table and...
  12. The best wood blade

    I love my Tibhar power wood. Can't speak for any other ones as I've never tried them