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  1. Competition: Win a signature by Ma Long!

    I think in the Men's event Ma Long will win.
  2. Win a signed blade by Zhang Jike!

    I think in the Men's event Ma Long will win.
  3. WIN Signed Blades by China - WTTC 2013 Comp

    I think in the Men's event Zhang Jike will win. I think in the Women's event Ding Ning will win.
  4. CCTV Sports Personality Awards

    Actually French Open champ ;) but aussie open runner up :D
  5. Count me out as a ZJK fan.

    Nah you misunderstand me, I don't mean to put down Ma Long, just used him simply as an example, I am saying ZJK currently has won some of the biggest titles so he can back up his cockiness. Don't get me wrong, I love Ma Long and I think he does hold the upperhand against ZJK. However when it...
  6. Count me out as a ZJK fan.

    I'm probs the biggest ZJK fan lol, I love his attitude, he is cocky however he lives up to it, I mean so what if he 'planned' the celebrations (IMO, I don't think he planned the the WTTC celebration and in a CCTV 5 chinese interview, he also said he didn't actually 'plan' it, he simply wanted a...
  7. Wang Nan what happened to her

    On a Chinese CCTV5 a few weeks back, there was an interview with her, she is now a mother :) living happily in China with her husband and taking care of her kid lol. I also remember that she said when she goes on strolls in the park, people would often tell her how much she looks like Wang Nan...
  8. Zhang Jike Interviewed on winning WTTC 2011

    Dude ZJK is a legend, I fell in love with his play the first time I saw him, love his arrogance, love his personality and love his overall aura that he gives off, ZJK FOREVER!
  9. Best TT tables

    donic! we use them here :D
  10. Volkswagen Cup 2011

    Wang Hao for men's and Li xiao xia for women's!!!
  11. Documentary: Chinese National Team

    I am Chinese, I could translate the videos, just gimme some time Dan :)
  12. Chinese Men's WTTC Trials 2011

    zhang jike!!!
  13. Happy Halloween!

    I hardly celebrate it :(
  14. Post a Picture of Yourself Playing

    Already my avatar haha :D
  15. Upcoming stars

    Well I know Yan An has had some really good results in China Super League
  16. Favorite games

    Yeah computer, one of the most competitive games out there right now lol It's a warcraft III Frozen Throne mod game
  17. Favorite games

    Anyone play some games here? I love playing dota :D
  18. Totally,Which ball do you think is the best?

    Best ball for match is DHS 3 star. I use DHS 3 star to train as well haha
  19. best player

    Wang Liqin, you can't really compare though, these players are all from different eras... Waldner was probably one of the best in his era, but Wang Liqin was definitely the best in his.
  20. TV-Shows

    I don't want much TV shows haha, but some faves are Friends and Sienfield