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  1. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    I'm ashamed to say that I want things to change but I'm not going to make things happen like you have Tony!!! The best I do is always make new members at my club feel welcome!!! I try to promote Table Tennis wherever I can!!!! Keep up the good Work Tony !!!
  2. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    Thought that was massive advantage that most Chinese professional players used the same rubbers???
  3. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    Wow I thought they all used Hurricane 3 But they all use the National Blue sponge Hurricane 3 on there F.H ???
  4. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    Have to agree that the coverage from World Championship had been so poor !!! The Camera angles are terrible!!! The lighting is so poor!!! Just doesn't look professional at all !!! Which is really so for a World Championship!!! But it's not going to help attract new people into the sport with...
  5. Longevity of Hybrid rubbers

    I tried Dragon Grip and thought it was a good rubber but didn't last very long !!! And with how much a sheet costs these days!!! No good to me !!!!
  6. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    A massive problem is outside China Table Tennis is not that popular around the World and until we can attract more people into this amazing sport things will never change!!! I remember watching live table tennis at club level for first time and from then on I was hooked!! It's just not the same...
  7. Come back after 30 years break

    I've got my own table and robot 🤖 it's really helpful in developing your game !!!! Welcome to the Crazy Table Tennis Family 😀😀😀
  8. Longevity of Hybrid rubbers

    Not as fast as fast as Butterfly 09C Joola ZGR but as spinney with great durability!!!
  9. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    My Club is trying so hard to encourage youngsters they run lots of coaching sessions for different ages !!! The challenge is to keep them interested but from what I can see there's lots of young talent coming through!!! There's just not enough clubs in England !!!
  10. Which training ball to pick

    Still really impressed 😁
  11. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    Brilliant post!!! I hadn't even thought of the things that you have brought up!!! As you say it's not a level playing field!! I'm really not sure what the answer is !!!! The rest of the world has a lot of catching up to do !!!!
  12. Longevity of Hybrid rubbers

    Have you tried Nittaku Sieger PK 50 Excellent Rubber with good durability!!!!
  13. Come back after 30 years break

    Hello France, My Girlfriend started playing at 63 and she is hooked!! She is 65 now we train together 3 times a week at our local club, she is improving every week . Really hope you keep playing as this is a brilliant sport that can be played at any age!!! Good luck France!!!
  14. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    I've just watched most of the World Championship and I've enjoyed it so much !!! But the gap between China and the rest of the world is getting bigger and I believe that is so bad for Table Tennis!!! I just can't ever see this changing anytime soon !!!! The Chinese mental strength is massive...
  15. Which training ball to pick

    Your own personal ball !!!! You must be one hell of a player 😜
  16. Which training ball to pick

    They are a lot cheaper is the U.S.A but that's how much they are on Amazon UK !!! I'm ok paying 50p a ball for such quality!!!
  17. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    You have to be impressed how often the Chinese players win the tight games and then watch how the opponent just crumbles!!! Yet if they lose game they just reset and start again!!! I truly believe that they win most of there games before a balls even hit!!! Until the rest of the world changes...
  18. Which training ball to pick

    Kevenz are 3 Star training ball !!! They are not ITTF approved but they are brilliant quality I got 60 ball for £32 really happy with them !!!
  19. Are Lebrun brothers just developing a permanent reputation for bad sportsmanship?

    I think there's any easy answer to this and you should ban any calling out by players or coaches!!!! Take points off for any breach of the rules!!!! Silence is golden!!!! Ban all this shouting out after or during points!!!
  20. Glayzer

    Reply to review by 'Draycott old man' on item 'Glayzer'

    Great review!!!! Totally agree!!!!