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  1. A perfect gym/laptop/tt backpack?

    The best “one bag” in the world:Â
  2. Andro TP_Ligna series

    What is the wood composition of TP_Ligna CO Off?
  3. Does anyone try DHS tensor rubber, Gold Arc 8?

    can anyone compare the gold arc 8 with the Acuda S1?
  4. Wanting Advice on Equipment and Reviews of Equipment

    My TP_Ligna ALL characteristics: frequency: 1250 hz Balance: 13 cm from the head Handle flared in walnut Head Size: 157x151 Wood composition: Limba (0,55) - Limba (0,55) - Kiri (3,7) - Limba - Limba The veneers are glued with epoxy resin.Dwell time is medium. Much more than Viscaria, less Donic...
  5. Wanting Advice on Equipment and Reviews of Equipment

    TP_Ligna ALL has a Well-made construction. Handle without edges suit small hands very well. Great control, enough speed for AllRound offensive players. Very lightweight blade: 73 gr my own’s. A fantastic “do it all” blade, in my opinion, the perfect “Do it most” blade to improve the technique...
  6. The Pro's Equipment - Discussion!

    Seems Andro TP_Ligna CI off
  7. Andro TP_Ligna series

    Weight TP_Ligna ALL Mine TP_Ligna ALL weight 73 gr and the handle is thin, it suits small hand very well.
  8. Andro TP_Ligna series

    How does the TP_Ligna CI Off behave?
  9. Modern replacement for BTY Oh Sang Eun blade

    Donic Persson Powerplay
  10. SoulSpin New Era Handle Blades

    Can you share some pics and your impressions about playability of SoulSpin new era?
  11. PimplePark table tennis brand.

    Maybe some their blades are made by SoulSpin like “Sica”, “Pila” e “Filius”
  12. PimplePark table tennis brand.

    Does anyone know pimplepark? what do you think about them?
  13. Share your Racket's Photo

    Arttè Italian handcrafted Arttè
  14. TSP Swat: Unpopular Popularity

    Which is the outer layer in Victas Dyna Seven?
  15. Xiom Vega Japan vs Bty Tenergy 05

    About throw angle, what do you say?
  16. Xiom Vega Japan vs Bty Tenergy 05

    Which are the most important differences between the Xiom Vega Japan and the Butterfly Tenergy 05?
  17. Violin Alternatives?

    Almost like Violin:
  18. Need Suggestions for an ALL+ Blade with Good Feeling and Control

    You can see here: or here:
  19. Butterfly Timo Boll TJ

    Which is the wood composition of butterfly Timo Boll TJ?
  20. Share your Racket's Photo

    Arttè Radice 70gr, 5 wood layer. Multilayer costruction: Koto, Ayous - Ayous - Ayous, Koto. 5,5mm handle very very thin