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  1. FS: Yasaka Goiabao 5 + Rakza 7 Max *NEW*

    Bump: Willing to let this go for $125 AUD
  2. Win a Ovtcharov ALC

    13-11 Dima.
  3. FS: Yasaka Goiabao 5 + Rakza 7 Max *NEW*

    Weight: 90g Purchased 2 weeks ago and used only once and will stick with my (slower) Yasaka Sweden for a little while longer. Purchased from tt1 for around $170 AUD all up. Located in Melbourne Australia or postage at buyer's expense. Taking offers.
  4. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Yes there are local leagues in my area. I was meant to join a couple years ago but then covid happened and my country pretty much stopped community sports for a while. I also got pretty unfit in that time and that didn't help things. I definitely want to join though.
  5. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Thanks I really appreciate that. Also makes me kinda sad because I regret not taking it seriously/getting coaching from a young age (I am considered an old man in this sport 😂). My BH against backspin is probably my weakest element ( which I probably do need coaching for!).
  6. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Yes it's true. I have no reason to lie 😂. I guess I started playing very young playing with my bro and we just gradually got better over the years in the garage. I've also recently started watching some pros (Ma Long, Timo Boll) and try to emulate their technique to the best of my ability.
  7. Video Footage Safe Thread Short vid of me doing some practice rallies (not too much room in the garage for lateral movement so we try to keep the ball in the centre of the table). Looking for some advice/tips on my technique (never been to a club or had any type of coaching). Thanks.
  8. Tennis Table, Xmas price. Need help!

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
  9. Developing adult player - advice and TB ALC with Tenergy 05?

    Doesn't really matter what you use in the beginning. Your skill level probably isn't good enough to take advantage of each setup's characteristics and no, it won't harm your development.
  10. Package forwarding service

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a robot from the US through a package forwarding service since it doesn't ship to where I am (Australia). Anyone here have experience with such a thing and can recommend me a company that can do it cheaply and effectively? Appreciate it!
  11. Amicus / PowerPong Users

    To those with these robots how often do you use the spin settings 6-10? Do you find that range essential or can you make do with 1-5 only? Thanks in advance.
  12. Best table tennis robot - Amicus prime or Power pong 5000

    Can anyone comment on the differences between the PowerPong 2001 and the 5000? The 5000 is sold out where I am and I can put up with the reduced memory of the 2001 however I’m not sure if the reduced spin settings will be a big factor? Thanks.