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  1. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Congratulations to FZD and SYS, World Championship Singles Champions. Both well deserved. But Hina Hayata's breakthrough performance made this tournament for me. Who saves *NINE* match points against one of the top CNT women? Hina Hayata... that's who. Known as the domestic queen of Japan...
  2. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    I think FZD learned a lot from his loss to ML in Tokyo. It doesn't matter that his opponent has all the skills just like he does. He imposed his will on the game. There was a glimmer of hope for WCQ after the shocking comeback in game 5, but FZD showed he's not going to cave and completely...
  3. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    FZD has a WC under his belt. WCQ will be more motivated. Both are so incredibly skilled.
  4. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Game 7 of HH vs. WYD .... should be on your short list of greatest games ever:
  5. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Rebellions are built on hope. Looks like Hayata started a wave. Huge congratulations to Shin Yubin and Jeon Jihee winning 3-0 over SYS/WMY !!!
  6. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

  7. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Let's go HH! You're our last hope!
  8. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Tomo is in block mode way too much.
  9. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Double Miyu had a very good chance to take it to the 5th being up 10-6 in the 4th. Really good pressure applied by Nagasaki's BH kept them in the match. But they need to develop that killer instinct.
  10. JTTA: Selection System to be Revamped for Paris 2024

    If Yokoi continues to improve like this, she will be a serious candidate for the 2028 Olympics. She is solid all around and has one of, if not the best backhand loops of the Japanese women when it's on.
  11. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    One thing that WTT got right at this Singapore Smash is having multiple camera angles to choose from. I hope this continues in future events.
  12. WTT Singapore Smash 2023

    To keep things in perspective, Cheng I-Ching's win over Mima in T-League was a 1-game victory match which Mima subsequently avenged in R16 of WTT Contender Amman. Additionally, Cheng I-Ching beat *both* Hirano and Hayata and WTT Star Contender Goa. And as great as Miwa is and wlll be, she has...
  13. Miwa Harimoto

    Miwa is truly an amazing player. She has no equal at her age (14!!!) and will be a future world number 1. Not only is she in the SF, she's also in the Finals of WD and XD.
  14. More Pros not enjoying WTT and its expensive Costs

    • Increased prize money -> except for 1 Grand Smash and 1 WTT Champions in 2023 FAIL • New professional event series with blockbuster marquee events -> Unsure what the value add is here • Globally renowned commercial partners and investors -> FAIL • Exclusive women’s tour to further promote the...
  15. More Pros not enjoying WTT and its expensive Costs

    No one expects table tennis to be on the same level as golf or tennis in terms of prize money. But WTT is doing such a poor job of marketing table tennis it's laughable (cryable?). For cryin' out loud, table tennis with it's long history is getting surpassed by pickleball...
  16. Welcome to TableTennisDaily 3.0 - Bug Report

    I also prefer reverse chronological order by default. Would be great if the old behavior that latej described was reimplemented. 'Jump to new' doesn't always work (sometimes doesn't recognize I've already seen the post) or not always desirable (ex: long thread where I prefer to skip to end and...
  17. Kou Lei vs Ayano

    In the off chance that the OP might gain an appreciation for Kou Lei's level, I found it interesting that Ayano just posted her video of her match with Kou Lei, and in the video description she said: "The one thing I can say is his I had no idea how to return his" And Ayano's...
  18. TTD vs Craig Bryant and USATT rating estimate

    omnipong seems to be messing around with the player id. The above was accurate earlier today, but now it's changed. Don't know how long this will last:
  19. TTD vs Craig Bryant and USATT rating estimate

    You might want to fix your results link for Craig Bryant. It should be: