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  1. LF 38mm Celluloid ball(s)

    Thanks for the suggestion DukeGaGa
  2. LF 38mm Celluloid ball(s)

    Thanks L-zr, Did look there but been OOS for at least a couple of months, have completed the "notify me" form there so guess I have to be patient with them in the mean time thought I'd ask around Cheers
  3. LF 38mm Celluloid ball(s)

    As per the thread title, I'm looking for some of the old 38mm celluloid balls. Long shot but does anybody have any they can spare/sell or advise where or if it's possible to buy? Missed out or can't remember them and just interested in trying them to see how they compare to the current crop...
  4. Good Japanese scissors for cutting rubbers

    I use and can recommend these as well. They make it easy to cut the rubber flush with blade edge or cut leaving a little overhang. I tried using a Stanley/craft knife but due to lack of practice and patience much prefer the revolution no3 scissors.
  5. FS: Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC FL

    Thanks but no thanks
  6. FS: Butterfly Jun Mizutani ZLC FL

    Selling a Mizutani ZLC recently purchased from Bribar UK. Weight is 86g , flared handle, less than 2 hours use, undamaged/unmarked, price £180 + shipping + 4% if PayPal non family and friends. More images/info on request.
  7. PROTT.VIP and others

    So I have H3 Neo provincial BS from prott and H3 Neo provincial OS from Bribar and the topsheets have the same ITTF number (not abnormal?) but are different in appearance. The BS has more tack and has more sheen/glossier look. Can anybody offer an explanation? Is this to be expected because of...
  8. For Sale: DHS national equipment (rubbers and blades)

    Bought a couple of items from Chen Chen. Give full and prompt answers to all queries pre supply, prompt delivery following payment, first rate in all aspects
  9. Rubbers and Blade for Sale!

    Butterfly Tenergy 05 Black 1.9mm - 16.5cm high x 15.75cm wide recieved yesterday morning safe and sound. Thanks for feeding my growing Tenergy/spring sponge addiction :-)
  10. In London for A Week

    Having been on the receiving end more times than I care to remember I can vouch for the quality of your forehand and backhand as well. My first time at Fusion, enjoyed it, was worth the six hour round trip to have a knock and put a face to the name. cheers Nextlevel and thanks for the technique...