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  1. Advices on using an AntiSpin

    Never clean Antispin Rubbers. The cleaner the rubber, the lesser the effect of it.
  2. Stiga new blades for 2021

    Where is the 40 years clipper edition???
  3. Advice on backhand rubber

    Hi, if you liked the behaviour of M2 you could try M1. Donic states that has the same topsheet with long and narrow pimples, and the same open pored sponge with only difference the hardness. The M2 has 45 degrees while M1 has 47,5. That could solve your soft feeling problem.
  4. Tibhar Blades Collection and Reviews

    Hi Airoc, I know it's weird to awake a post from 3 years ago but I would like if you could provide more info to CCA 7 and/ in comparison with other blades of similar speed. Preferably from Tibhar. Thank you.
  5. Donic Acuda S2 vs Donic Jp03 for fh

    I don't know the behavior of the Acuda S1 and jp03, but as a forehand rubber Acuda P2 has written many Km. First of all keep in mind that the pimples of the topsheet is narrow and long. This structure aims for more speed than spin, but only with maximum input. Thus, can generate easily spin. The...
  6. New Equipment 2021

    The handle wasn't red so it can't be apolonia Sent from my NEM-L21 using Tapatalk
  7. New Equipment 2021

    Who really knows??? The only thing that makes me skeptical about is that Jorgic previously used a blade from butterfly. I think that since Jorgic for many years is sponsored by Tibhar should have tried kinetic speed and if he liked it, he probably would play with it. Thus, must be a new model.
  8. New Equipment 2021

    The handle uses the same pattern as Tibhar's Kinetic Speed with only difference the direction of the lens. Since he already uses Tibhar equipment maybe they will publish a new blade. If I'm not wrong until the world cup he used a Timo Boll ALC.
  9. Donic-Schildkrot Balls

    The only consideration is about balls, which are approved by ittf. I don't want a premade bat. I like my acuda P2. I have some points in a store that sells the 3* ones and thought about getting them with the points that I have.
  10. Donic-Schildkrot Balls

    In the video the Donic brand does not appear. But in the description mentions Donic, Waldner and Persson. Anyway, do you know anything about the balls quality. Thank you for answering
  11. Donic-Schildkrot Balls

    Hello to everyone, As searching the online stores I found table tennis balls under the name of Donic but the stamp had the name Schildkrot. After a search I came across a website . I don't know if its just the same word or its just a side business project of...
  12. Table tennis 11 Racket assembly + Lacquering

    I take a badonette and I apply in the cotton, on its edge. Then I pressure between the rubber and the blade with the cotton parts. Sent from my NEM-L21 using Tapatalk
  13. Table tennis 11 Racket assembly + Lacquering

    In my club there is a handmade blades builder. After my coach observed the problem with my stiga infinity splintering asked him what could be done about that. He replied that using nail polish remover helps weakening the glue. When I tried myself I saw that indeed helps and no splintering occured.
  14. Same movement, different rubbers & different outcome

    Similar composition of the blades so the only difference is the rubber. The reason of the questions is that I estimated the opposites outcome Sent from my NEM-L21 using Tapatalk
  15. Same movement, different rubbers & different outcome

    Tenergy has been used more than ventus and the blades are very similar. I didn't mentioned those factors previously because I didn't estimated that affect the spin outcome. Thanks for your reply Sent from my NEM-L21 using Tapatalk
  16. Same movement, different rubbers & different outcome

    Greetings everyone, In the time of quarantine in order to escape the monotony I practise the underspin in my serve. After I tried another blade with tenergy 05 I observed an increase in amount of spin. My rubber was TSP Ventus Spin. Since I didn't change the movement in any way shouldn't the...
  17. Testing Vladimir Samsonov's Table Tennis Bat!

    Thank you for the response, I have read the article and I want the length of the handle, which isn't mentioned in the above article.
  18. Testing Vladimir Samsonov's Table Tennis Bat!

    Does anyone know handle sizes? Thanks in advance
  19. Is Harimoto's screams disrespectful to the opponent?

    The loudness of cho might be the result of advanced technology in broadcasting. Better quality and more input in volume. That gives the perception of increased loudness during chos. Sent from my NEM-L21 using Tapatalk
  20. Pushing is so annoying Help!

    Also try long services with lot of underspin at the side that your opponent isn't comfortable to attack. He will return a long ball with underspin that you will be able to do a topspin. Sent from my NEM-L21 using Tapatalk