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  1. Yasaka Falck W7 blade?

    I have used Yasaka Falck W7 for just one session. It is a good blade, but at that time, I didn't want to switch from my current blade. I would say that W7 is better than Clipper. The reason is that, although W7 is 7-ply, but the construction makes it feel like a stiffer and harder 5-ply...
  2. Do you apologize if your opponent misses a serve?

    We are all friends so we usually just shout out "THANK YOU"
  3. 7 ply all-wood with Koto outer and Ayous intermediate and core

    If your reply referred to Donic Persson Powerplay, then it is not a composite blades in my opinion. When they say it contains foil, it is much speculated that the foil is indeed a paper like material. And we know that paper is made of wood. So basically it is 7-ply allwood. If you have the...
  4. Does it really matter what paddle to use?

    I have a Korbel and an Innerforce Layer ALC.S. According to BTY catalog, speed of Korbel is 10.7 and speed of Innerforce Layer ALC.S is 10.1 I can confirm this as I think Innerforce Layer ALC.S is indeed slower than Korbel. And since Korbel is often recommended by lots of forum members here...
  5. 7 ply all-wood with Koto outer and Ayous intermediate and core

    Blade with exact composition compared to your description is Xiom Solo. It is 7-ply blade with ayous middle layers and koto outerply. However, the thickness is around 6.3 - 6.4 mm if I remember correctly. The price is moderate, but I am not sure if it is still available in the market now...
  6. Cybershape Carbon vs. Cybershape Wood?

    Is the "weird" shape actually helping you with anything? (control maybe, or bigger sweet spot?)
  7. Why #19 is illegal?

    You are correct. Thank you. I did not notice that. Kind of focusing on the switching from FH to BH serve.
  8. Why #19 is illegal?

    I watched a nice video (attached) describing what's legal and what's not in table tennis. I am just wondering why #19 is considered illegal? Toss is high and vertical, ball is not hidden, the only thing is that the player changes from forehand serve to backhand serve. So what is illegal about it?
  9. Advice for 3 Blades for 3 beers:)

    Blades (thinking that you are still developing to be an offensive player): 1. Yasaka Sweden Extra, or 2. Donic Appelgren Allplay Rubbers: 1. Yasaka Mark V, or 2. Cheaper rubber --> Palio AK-47 yellow sponge Don't worry about the beers.
  10. Cho Daesong Blade?

    I am thinking about bigger head size = bigger sweet spot. I think it will be the other way around. I think that given two blades of the same thickness, the one with smaller head size will be stiffer, thus has bigger sweet spot. On the other hand, the one with larger head size will be more...
  11. Cho Daesong Blade?

    I am sorry for digressing a bit here, but I notice that newer blades tend to have bigger head size. In this case (above) the head size is 160 x 152 mm. Also the DHS Long 5, I heard it is used to be 160 x 15... ( I don't really remember) also. I think the standard size is 157 x 150 mm and...
  12. Which brands are most popular in each country?

    Tibhar has been very popular in France way way way back before Lebrun brothers appearing on the world stage. Like I mention previously, from forums that I read back in the days (few has ceased to exist), Tibhar has been very popular in France. Even Tibhar IV-L (the most basic blade) was...
  13. Which brands are most popular in each country?

    I am quite intrigued by the fact that Tibhar is very popular in France. IIRC, when I read other TT forums (long time ago) even Tibhar IV-L was very popular among beginners there. Tibhar IV-L is a very basic blade, consists only of 4 ply of Ayous. Even for a pro such as Mr. Lebesson, he is...
  14. Anybody played with a Mazunov?

    I am always curious about this BTY Mazunov. I once saw it in the TT store nearby but I did not buy them since at that time my shoulder was still OK and I prefer slower blades (and lighter blades as well) The reason I am curious about this blade is that Samsonov used to play with that blade...
  15. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood upgrade

    If you want faster SPW type of blade (Acoustic and Korbel and Offensive S are at similar speed or a bit slower), try Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro (with blue handle). It is a 7-ply all wood blade with thickness of 6.3 mm (a bit thicker than SPW). The plus side is that it is actually more...
  16. Sanwei Fextra 7

    Last time when I wanted to try Fextra 7 (the one that looks like Carbonado), it was informed that Sanwei has changed Fextra 7 to Fextra One (black handle). But now it is changed again to Blue handle?
  17. C-Pen vs J-Pen vs K-Pen

    Gionis also plays with European Korbel. I am not sure whether they are using European Korbel because they could not get the Japanese version or it's because Japanese Korbel is not suitable for choppers?
  18. Opinions on the Hurricane Long 5 Blades

    I agree with you regarding the senso handle. But the reason I stated that Donic No.1 and Donic No. 1 Senso can have different carbon composition was because at one time in the past, I was wondering why the price of Donic No.1 Senso is much higher (2x higher?) compared to Donic No. 1. It...
  19. What are tactics for men to play women?

    Heavy spin (slow heavy loop) used to be very effective in 38 mm ball era. You need to be careful because of the amount of spin generated. However, with the 40+ plastic ball, it can be easily smashed down (without any respect to the spin) because the spin quality is not as good as the one in...
  20. Opinions on the Hurricane Long 5 Blades

    May be a bit off topic, but I think it is still related. Donic No. 1 (expensive) and Donic No. 1 Senso (more expensive, using premium carbon?) are supposed to be modeled (or made by DHS) after HL5. Can anybody confirm that they play similar? And similar to HL5 only, or similar to W968 as well?