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  1. Looking for Stiga overgrip grip tape

    basically the title, in black colour. tt11 says its discontinued but stigas site just says out of stock with the other colours available for purchase. Cant find anywhere else that sells it. Im in Australia. If anyone knows where i could buy it from thatd be great
  2. Yasaka Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard rubbers

    any updates on the durability of the rubber ?
  3. Opinions on Grip tape

    I recently bought the nittaku acoustic wood blade, and i found its abit narrow around the mid part of the handle. So i was thinking about getting grip tape and putting some on the mid part of the handle. Although im contemplating whether i should get grip tape or i might get used to the handle...
  4. Yasaka Rakza7 vs Andro Hexer Grip/powergrip SFX

    H3 feels basically exactly what i expected it to, same thing i just got more power, an extra boost if you will from the blade which was my initial intention with the blade anyway.
  5. Yasaka Rakza7 vs Andro Hexer Grip/powergrip SFX

    Recently switched from r7 soft on bh on a slow wood blade (Stiga energy wood) to Hgrip sfx on a faster blade (Nittaku acoustic) I feel as tho the hexer has less grip like the ball almost slides on the rubber instead of properly gripping it and like i have to hit the ball more with the hexer as...
  6. Reviving tacky rubbers ?

    Ive been reading up of how to clean tacky rubbers and Ive come across people advising to either put baby oil/breathe/ or dampen the rubber in some way before putting a plastic covering on it for awhile to 'revive' the rubbers tackiness ? Is this true and if so how does this work ? I though the...
  7. Hexer grip/powergrip /sfx + new setup

    So currently using stiga energy wood wrb, FH H3 provinicial, BH rakza 7 SOFT. Like it but sometimes abit too slow now that im developing in skill. New setup same FH, nittaku acoustic wood, BH one of the hexers Thinking of getting one of those 4 hexer rubbers as my new BH but not sure which one...
  8. Hurricane 3 MEGA THREAD

    Theres so many variants and so much to know about the acclaimed Hurricane 3 rubbers. I got 40deg H3 provincial (orange sponge) as my FH on my first (current) bat. And i really like it. Im looking to upgrade bats in the near future and would like to keep h3 on my forehand, although i would like...
  9. STIGA Energy Wood V2 ? (vs Nittaku Acoustic wood)

    my first bat was technically my premade stiga evolution blade, which took me thru my beginner year in which i played with my dad in our backyard. Then my first bat was FH : 40deg H3, energy wood, BH: Rakza 7 soft which i found worked well ( i guess?) the only thing i would say now after playing...
  10. Harder rubber better for opening up backspin?

    Thanks, yeah i find myself putting more spin into most shots as the H3 taught me this. I feel as though my BH looping/flicking technique is good although im not a high lvl player. arnd 800RC, not here for gameplay tips tho (ofc im not saying i attack literally every ball). just asking about...
  11. Table tennis 11 Racket assembly + Lacquering

    Aha Im about to but the nittaku acoustic from tt11 haha. yeah the limba outer plys are apparently very susceptible to splintering when changing rubbers so was wondering if i should risk it or not. Ive heard depending o nthe glue you use t=you should be fine. but if they use a glue that makes it...
  12. Harder rubber better for opening up backspin?

    Yeah i play well with h3 on my fh. Tacky requires bigger strokes right ( more brush)
  13. Harder rubber better for opening up backspin?

    I understand softer rubbers - more dwell - more effect on spin Im currently using a soft rubber on my BH Rakza 7 soft (39deg). And i like to attack everything, even super backspin serves etc. and it works well. Currently thinking of moving to a harder rubber Rakza Z(50-52deg), but wondering how...
  14. Yasaka Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard rubbers

    Are you sure abt that? online reviews show X as being slightly slower than Z and also much softer..
  15. Table tennis 11 Racket assembly + Lacquering

    I wanted to know how good the free racket assembly on tt11 is. The fact that idk how the rubbers were actually glued on would kill me, im pessimistic so all i can think abt is the person having a bad day and just rushing/ not gluing properly etc. Although im a sucker for free stuff and if...
  16. Rubber hardness

    When looking for rubbers online each website usually has their own hardness scale from 1-10. Although Im specifically looking for the hardness in degrees. Is there anywhere to check this for all rubbers as even on the rubbers official page they do not have these measurements. bonus Q Also...
  17. Yasaka Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard rubbers

    How does it compare to Rakza X? was planning to get Z but u have stated it is more advanced players, and im not advanced myself so would X be a better alternative ? how is X different to Z
  18. Yasaka Rakza Z and Rakza Z Extra Hard rubbers

    Would you say its good for opening up backspin on BH side ?
  19. Types of wood

    When looking for blades, many different types of wood are advertised. Im no wood expert so I would like to know the characteristics + effects of each of the major types of wood used in table tennis blades. Are there any types of wood that are outright bad/good?
  20. Dignic09c alternative

    Yeah i did not know this also whats this shore measurement, online. in videos they only mentions hardness in terms of degrees. Also ive been using revspin to crosscheck the stats of rubbers mentioned. do they use their own universal measurement or does hardness vary by brand etc. If rakza Z is...