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  1. Advice please: 7-ply all-wood blade for my son

    Just seeing your post know as a result of a couple other recent replies. Darker 7P-2A should definitely be a consideration.
  2. Recommendations for CPEN blade

    Well, I would just recommend you changing your seating order😄
  3. Recommendations for CPEN blade

    I would recommend staying with Jpen and TPB. I’m part of the contingent of penholders who feel that playing TPB produces a higher level of challenge, satisfaction and excitement over modern penhold. Newer isn’t always better. If you still choose to go forward, as with Jpen, I would highly...
  4. Westchester Table Tennis?

    Absolutely! Owner and founder Will Shortz has a genuine love for the sport and created this great facility to express that love. Thing is Will's creation is also a gift to us! It's apparent that Will is happy to share his creation and watch players of all levels engage in their passion. Anyone...
  5. Why is the ITTF trying to remove wood from a blade?

    I’m with you on all points but this one with the ecological impacts I think is especially important.
  6. Any players in NYC looking for people to play with!

    Strongly recommend taking the train to Westchester Table Tennis Center in Pleasantville, Westchester County. You’ll find players of all levels there along with 30 tables, large courts, high ceilings and flooring! See if you can find your way there to check it out.
  7. Ryu Seung Min VS Kim Taek Soo. Who will win???

    I agree. Jpen, traditional penholder should always remain a part of table tennis. It would be great to see a developing player meet this challenge.
  8. Penhold in Europe

    And very importantly, let’s not forget the women’s side with Xiaona Shan and Fu Yu. And even more amazingly they play TPB!