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  1. Zhang Jike withdraws from 2013 WTTC

    I think the chinese tem are just fooling around. They are the absolutely the best nation in the world, and their players have to loose some matche against weaker players sometimes. Zhang Jike is kinda arrogant but he is also so good and proffesional that he would never stop playing right before...
  2. WIN signed TTD t-shirt XMAS 2012!

    I think the ball is number 7!
  3. German Open 2012 - Competition

    Timo Boll for sure
  4. Paralympics 2012 - Competition

    Class7 Povop( the first seed) Class8 ZHao Shuhai Class9 Ma lin Class10 Ge yang
  5. Aro you sponsored ??????

    I am sponsored by the a shop called ttex, they give me everything i want from Stiga. It's really cool :)
  6. London 2012 Olympics (Prize Draw)

    I think everyone should know that if evething goes as excpected, China will meet Germany in the Semis. So the semis are: China-Gemany South Korea-Japan ( If everything goes as expected) My guess are 1China 2South Korea 3Germany
  7. The Mythical Double Bounce Loop

    That`s sick!
  8. How to get into a Rally?

    Don't play weaker services! In sokme matches there is just not that many rallies, it totally depends of how you play, your playing style and the opponent. You could try to not play that hard at the first ballafter service, and always keep the ball on the table. It worked for me!
  9. Japan Open 2012 - Competition

    I think Timo Boll will win the Japan open 2012! :)
  10. The Magician

    Haha! Great :D
  11. Bernadette Szocs vs Lin Gaoyuan

    I think they both are winners, one for the boys and one for the girls :D
  12. Calibra LT or Calibra LT +

    I can't say that I agree with you. I think it is very easy to do a real nice push with it, but that is my point of the veiw. Have a good day :D
  13. Calibra LT or Calibra LT +

    The + is a very hard rubbers, unless you lik ehard rubbers you shuld go for the lt. Im using the lT and it's a fantastic rubber!
  14. Table Tennis Camp

    There is many camps i Sweden, close to you. I was in Falkenberg last year, and that was a really good camp, but not that very high level. And there is also 2 camps in Norway, "fokusleiren" and "stigalerien"
  15. Wiggly Wobbler caught on film!

    Well performed, but now that special :D
  16. Whats your ranking?

    Number 9 in boys 15, and number 28 in junior. 166 in mens :D
  17. Nervous in a game?

    When I'm playing my first match in a tournament, my hands are shaking a bit. But after this it's ok. I also think that the more experience you have, you'll get less nervous :D
  18. Table Tennis TV News & Highlights show!

    Fantastic video! Keep up the good work :D
  19. Video on New Serve System

    I don't think this is nessesearily at all! Btw, i trained a little bit with Smirnov this summer, he is a really nice guy!
  20. Worldwide ban of celluloid "Proof"

    I really hope this won't affect my game, in a bad way...