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  1. Why is yogi_bear banned? :o

    I missed the whole situation and I'm not that active on this forum. However even just checking things from time to time I have noticed that yogi seemed line nice dude.
  2. Feedback on RPB form?

    The rotation of the body with RPB is non-existent or very slight due to the nature of the shot. it comes up from the bottom. Forehand shot on the other hand comes up from behind in circular motion hence the body rotation. the power from RPB comes from aggressively extending the body from lower...
  3. Feedback on RPB form?

    You look very stiff. Relax. Try to use a whole body instead of (almost) arm only. Bend knees a little more before the shot and extend them (not necessarily full extension, keep knees slightly bent) while making the shot.
  4. Spinny aliexpress ruber

    Baracuda is about 30$ in my country. Slightly cheaper if its discounted.
  5. Spinny aliexpress ruber

    I didn't meant that aliexpress-only. I just tried to suggest that the cheapest chinese rubbers are my preference as you often get good quality considered the price you pay. But as I said 30$ is the max and it doesn't really matter if i spend it outside of aliexpress. I wasn't precise enough i...
  6. Spinny aliexpress ruber

    I'll go with sanwei taiji if my budget get restricted even more. Otherwise maybe I'll try baracuda (or bluestorm?).
  7. Spinny aliexpress ruber

    isn't hadou normal tacky rubber? I'm not sure if i want full blown tacky rubber on BH again.
  8. Spinny aliexpress ruber

    It's pushing the budget close to a maximum, however looking at opinions it seems like a decent choice. Thanks for suggestion.
  9. Spinny aliexpress ruber

    Hello, What is the spinnest rubber on aliexpress? The cheapest the better but I can pay up to 30$. I will use it on BH (penhold). It needs to be spinny and rather soft. Speed doesn't matter. It can be fast but slow wouldn't bother me at all. Spin is the most important factor. What I tried -...
  10. Balls hitting the edge of the racket

    1. lack of proper timing 2. lack of proper reading the spin 3. racket angle too closed on some shots. 4. make sure to play with the same or very similar balls. switching between celuloids and polyballs in the same match can often can significantly impact the behavior of the ball in the same type...
  11. Help on Beginner Penholder

    Forehand - 729 battle II or bloom power (~20$) Backhand - Palio ak47 blue (~11$) Blade - DHS PG3 (~20$) or PG2 if you want a little slower version. If 40$ is really the limit you can start with 999t on forhand which is like 8$ or so. I played with this setup and it's good. Now I play with...
  12. Need help, finding a good BH rubber.

    Bloom (at least spin version) is the worst rubber you can choose imo for backhand. I played with it for like 6 months. You feel like you play around that rubber to make it work instead of rubber helping you. In other words you either make sure to hit it perfectly or something will go far from good.
  13. Chubby pros

    fair enough
  14. Chubby pros

    I have to disagree with this part of your post. 70/80s are not ancient times. People were educated in strength sports quite well and understood body composition even if the measures might be off. People could tell if they had big muscles or not.
  15. Chubby pros

    I wasn't contributing to the whole discussion. I was commenting specific part of your post which is pretty clear because I quote exact part of your post which I had a problem with. My problem with your story is not only 2% of bodyfat however. He could be even 8%. There is no way to see someone...
  16. Chubby pros

    What the hell are you talking about here? re-read my comment. WHERE did i say i know exactly how far is someone? All I did is called you out on your bullshit argument from your 80's book which was riduculoues. And after that I said that in general people can tell if someone is fat or not...
  17. Chubby pros

    There is no way to be very ripped and considered fat. literally no way. my point stands. Also something being before modern test doesn't make it legit magically. it's still bullshit. The only thing is big ripped guy with baggy clothes. but that's stretching the argument. The second point. Find...
  18. Chubby pros

    What a bullsh*t. Bodybuilders on competition day are like 5% bodyfat or so. No football player was and ever will be 2% body fat. I don't know what is the reason for making up those stories and what is the reason to share them further.
  19. 14 rubbers to choose for my backhand

    Could you elaborate on that? In what aspects I can expect something better than for example from EL-P? Please also keep in mind that it is 'sound' version.
  20. 14 rubbers to choose for my backhand

    Yes. To make up the lack of weight around the handle.