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  1. The Chinese Domination of Table Tennis!!!

    I find the western lettering on the back of the CNT jerseys interesting. This is some kind of low level marketing of the players / sport outside of the Chinese audience?
  2. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Chen Meng playing very well! Can she do it against SYS in the final?
  3. Which training ball to pick

    I use Joola Magic at home with my robot, at our club we train with recycled match balls. New match ball at the start of every fixture, goes in the bag of training balls at the end of the evening, doesn’t take long to build up a decent stock for club practice.
  4. World Table Tennis Championships 2023

    So many shadows! It’s the same for both players, and at my local league level I always welcome any venue, but this is the world championship! I think the lighting doesn’t seem to be as good as it should be😪
  5. Thicker rubbers are softer when using the same sponge material

    Questions for brokenball, Do you think that the hardness of a material will change depending on if hit by a house brick, a table tennis ball or a needle? Following on from the above, will the hardness of a material change if it is 1mm, 1cm, 10cm, 1m thick?
  6. The slowest stiff blades on the market

    Is it available as a Victas branded blade now rather than TSP?
  7. 1ST EVER International Match | TTD Team vs PingPod

    I think rankings as at today have Tom at 17 and Louis at 16. Uk ranking list
  8. Why do I get so nervous when playing a match?

    It is different, but if she can believe that it isn’t…. Matthew Syed wrote about this approach in his book “Bounce”, chapter 6 I just reread it before posting this (good read, he explores what went wrong for him at the 2000 olympics). Syed takes my coaches idea of the innate automatic...
  9. Why do I get so nervous when playing a match?

    I feel for her, it is a horrible sensation, hopefully she can understand why it happened and respond to it in a better way next time,
  10. Why do I get so nervous when playing a match?

    Did this a couple of weeks ago at practice, my partner hit a rocket behind my back into the backhand corner I’d just vacated and said “cho”, about three points later she repeated the trick. I’m just pleased we play for the same team in the league!
  11. Why do I get so nervous when playing a match?

    Which works up to a certain level… After which it becomes an issue as it will allow a good opponent to take control of the point. I’m pretty sure that my coaches advice is/was good, finding the right balance is hard though, you don’t want to get to 9 all then take on a couple of very low...
  12. How did this season 22/23 go for everyone?

    It was a struggle, we came second bottom of our division. I guess since we were newly promoted it was always likely to be hard. I suppose there were only a couple of players that were miles better than us, we got 8 or more points in a lot of games without winning very many of them. Must...
  13. Any Power Pong robot users?

    I would say no. However I do find when creating a drill that the sample ball tends to be a little bit different to the one that will be sent during the drill. This means first create the drill, then try it and gradually adjust each ball until it does what you want.
  14. UK Nationals 2023 finals long weekend

  15. UK Nationals 2023 finals long weekend

    Wow what a day. That was not the final I was expecting. Tom Jarvis played super!
  16. UK Nationals 2023 finals long weekend

    Streaming video on Apologies if this posted already haven’t seen a thread.
  17. Wait for tackiness to wear off?

    If the ball is going in the net, then it must be that you have played a poor / the wrong shot. For me this is often because of poor movement, too slow recovery from previous shot etc etc.
  18. Wait for tackiness to wear off?

    You’ll maybe not be pleased to hear that my I played a bit of the summer and the whole winter local league season with black STN on my forehand. It’s still tacky! I always clean with water and keep under plastic after use, probably play between 6 and 10 hours a week. I like the tack, but...
  19. Anti-Rubbers vs Pimples

    Sorry guys I didnt see the date on this thread. I swear it popped up near the top of my latest threads page, probably just technical incompetence on my part though.🙄
  20. Anti-Rubbers vs Pimples

    Deng Yaping? (Has phd from Nottingham uni.)