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  1. The FastPong table tennis training system

    recently Tom Lodziak did a review of the FastPong system, and he also did a video about using the system to improve shot accuracy. Hope this will be of interest to everyone.
  2. The FastPong table tennis training system

    Hello everyone : After writing a quick hi, it was suggested that I post a new thread to introduce the FastPong table tennis training system. My name is Kie, I am a cofounder at FastPong. Our company is based in Seoul, S.Korea and was originally started by Amir who is the CEO. We have been...
  3. SDC Handmade Blades

    This is such an interesting thread about trying different combinations as well as a great resource for anyone thinking about trying their hand at making something themselves. The quality of the workmanship is just excellent, and you have done a great job with the photography as well.
  4. What is the best Technology that a Table Tennis player of a coach can use?

    Is there any video of footage of this? I am really curious to see what it looks like.
  5. Introduce yourself to the forum! :)

    Yes, Amir the CEO is the founder. There have been a lot of changes since then, thanks for the informed comment. I will give a full description in a new thread shortly.
  6. Introduce yourself to the forum! :)

    Hi UpsideDownCarl, thanks, am happy to start a new thread. I didn't want to be rude and start a new thread before introducing myself especially as a new comer to this forum. best Kie
  7. Introduce yourself to the forum! :)

    Hi, I'm kie27. I'm new to the forum, but have been watching Dan's youtube channel for some time now. I have been playing table tennis since childhood but only at a recreational level. I have been at FastPong in Seoul, South Korea for the last 18 months, working on table tennis training...