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  1. Goodbye Ding Ning

    Like we already know, Ding Ning has officially retired. Here's video in which you can see some highlights of her career. Enjoy :)
  2. Ma Long interviews, matches and beyond

    Hey, there is my video aout Ma Long. I hope you will enjoy it :).
  3. Exercises to get more stability and power in forehand

    Hey guys, I made video in which I show some exercises I do to get more power and stability. Ckeck it out :)
  4. Bruce Lee Philosophy in Table Tennis

    Hello guys, there's my new video. This time topic is very interesting. In video I paid attention on types of training. Next time maybe I should talk about abstract things like state of mind during game and things like that. Do you have some philosophy that you follow when it comes to table...
  5. Ma Long - Rise of the Dragon

    Hey guys, I made short video of Ma Longs career. Its not perfect but its decent. He won so many important tournaments so I mentionet just his biggest accomplishments. Enjoy :) Check out my other videos also, hope you will find something interesting :)
  6. Finding GAP in opponents Footwork

    Hey guys, I would like to hear feedback from you on this topic. Is this hard to train? Have you mastered this maybe? What are ways to train this? I think that this is really important stuff on which nobody talks about.
  7. Kenta Matsudaira SERVE Compilation

    Hey guys, I made compilation of Kenta Matsudairas serves. Ckeck it out and leave some feedback :)
  8. Sevice return with backhand flick

    Hello guys, I made another video on my channel. I would like to hear your thoughts, feel free to comment and leave some feedback :). Also, I would like to know did you hear for my channel anywhere. Thanks :)
  9. Ma Long Forehand Loop (Topspin) | Weight Transfer Analysis

    Hello guys, I made another video on chinese forehand loop. Check it out :)
  10. Various Forehand topspin techniques

    Of course, I wanted to mention that in my video with one example of FZD getting fast ball in elbow so he didn't had time to hit ball with straight arm. But if I added that part video would be too long.
  11. Various Forehand topspin techniques

    Hello TTD!, First of all I want to thank you on feedback on my last video :) In this video I compared various arm positions in forehand topspin. My conclusion is that there is no wonder why chinese are so much strong in their attacking game.
  12. Ma Long service video analysis (Footwork pattern)

    Thanks for feedback guys :)
  13. Ma Long service video analysis (Footwork pattern)

    Hello table tennis lovers! I made short video analysis on Ma Long's service footwork pattern. I spoke in my club with my teammates and most of them agreed to me so we started practicing it. After couple of training sessions we really noticed little...
  14. ITTF videos. Copyright question.

    I think you need to ask for permission.
  15. Edge tape?

    I use duct tape on bottom because is lighter than edge tapes from official distributors and it does good job.
  16. Joola Dynaryz AGR and ACC rubbers Review

    I am using dynaryz for one month and I am very statisfied with rubbers. I use them on both sides. In combination with my slower blade they doing really good job. Especially when it comes to counter attacking opponents topspins. Rubbers were very stiff for a longer time when I put them on blade...
  17. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    In Bosnia we stopped only in May for 1 month. We have problems organizing League games but training is going normal :)
  18. Hello TTD Community :)

    Hello, I am Izet from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Im looking forward on being on this forum. I play table tennis about 6 years in Table tennis club Spin 2012 Sarajevo. We are for the eighth time in a row womens state champions. Besides playing table tennis I am professional photographer and...