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  1. Anyone selling Absolum >100g?

    I have two of them. what year is considered old?
  2. Andro rasanter c series

    dragged my finger on the topsheet - it created fainter white marks. Tried that on a H3 and a reg ESN top sheet. White marks were left on both of them but to varying degrees. The topsheet of the C53 seemed extra shinny black to me - don't know if that had anything to do with the permanent...
  3. Andro rasanter c series

    anyone experienced unusual durability issue with the C series? After botching the initial glue job, I reglued a C53. I noticed fading of the new rubber shimmer on the spot where I hit after 2 sessions. Don't know if it affects the play (since I am not familiar with this series).
  4. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    yes, brilliant response, but could you tell me what you read from the stats. i know you said a bunch of stuff but it didn't say anything. the only thing i got from that is you said I was wrong and should shut up - other than that no coherent train of thought or clarity - perhaps you would want...
  5. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    ok, if you want to keep your perspective but 1) I did not use words like flawed and 2) I want to maintain weak / relative .
  6. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    Thank you. 20 to 17 in his favour and if you take out the pushes about even. In both cases respectable but not favouring him. no reason to avoid his FH as implied by Takkyu / Yoass
  7. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    they have to be weaker if they are ranked so much below him (barring injuries / lack of participation) and those were not the case at least with Freitas - I don't know the story with Zhao. By bringing up 16 and achievements do not change the fact we are talking about his FH relative to his rank...
  8. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    I didn't know what you were referring to with that stmt but I do know I was answering to a combination of stmts by Takkyu / Yoass so in that context you were missing that conversation. Do I have to read the whole thread just to respond to a couple of comments.
  9. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    I already stated we were not talking about the same thing so I do know why the confusion. I did not watch the video and read some of the post that came before. I was just going by the thread's subject.
  10. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    I don't know if you are serious. He was WR 5 when this relatively weak FH thing came out. If winning proves he has a relatively strong FH why were there these discussions. I think he is still WR 6 so beating Freitas and Zhao proves anything???? that should have been 4 and 5 respectively
  11. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    I didn't watch Zeio's video and wasn't referring it. " Originally Posted by Takkyu_wa_inochiHis FH is so flawed that he just won the Bulgarian Open A FH so flawed that his opponent preferred to engage his BH. Terminally flawed." was what I was responding to. I think we are not talking...
  12. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    NL, I think the topic is HT's FH and not whether he won or lost (so I think you are the one the missed the point) If winning proves he has a good FH then by his ranking the point is already made. Why was this thread started? Since you seem hot about this subject, please do give me the figures...
  13. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    - I did see a lot of BH / BH rallies, but there was no evidence of he was avoiding HT's FH. ZZ used a lot of BH in this match and sent a lot of the returns to the middle of the table. HT chose to use his BH to rally those. How is sending the ball to the middle of the table avoiding HT's FH...
  14. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    does not prove a strong FH against strong opponent if he didn't play any
  15. What's Wrong with Harimoto's FH?

    looks like a good phrase, but come down to it who did he beat?
  16. Choice between Mantra M, Genesis 1S or Genesis 2S ?

    it would not play the same, from what I remember less control - but it is the wiser choice since you have nothing to lose except a bit of time
  17. Currently thinking of switching from T05-fx to Hurricane 3...

    let me get the thread going(edit - too slow) Why are you aiming for such a big change (and not something closer) and what do you think you will get from the H3 over you 05-fx
  18. T2 Diamond 2019 | Malaysia

    is it emotionally healthy to hold it all in??
  19. Why is my rubber not doming?

    I don't remember how long I had to wait with FTL for the second layer but if you are not sure if the first layer is dry why don't you wait longer . You will need at least two layers for it to curl the rubber if it hadn't been boosted before
  20. T2 Diamond 2019 | Malaysia

    just saw the match, how did WCT win by luck? Did he have a string of nets and edges? - didn't see that. As for misplaying - isn't that part of the match?