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  1. Nets !!!!

    I understand that the ITTF is looking at removing the let call if a service catches the top of the net. So in fact the only ways of having a let called would be due to interruption or "not ready". This would certainly bring it in-line with the edge ball on a serve. I saw this on OOAK, but...
  2. Table tennis at the Commonwealth Games-2022

    England looked a different team in the bronze medal match. With Drinkhall and Jarvis playing the doubles, Pitchford seemed to be released to play singles again, and convincingly beat Aruna. It was a very good win. It seems clear that Paul should be the go-to player for doubles.
  3. Table tennis at the Commonwealth Games-2022

    Malaysia v Wales -- absolutely wonderful match. Went all the way to 5 sets in the last match. Malaysia just coming out on top.
  4. Table tennis at the Commonwealth Games-2022

    The table tennis is on BBC iPlayer at the moment. Live or start from beginning of the day
  5. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    That sounds like a bike fall I experienced a few years ago. I was returning home from table tennis practice, when I came across a newly installed bike lane/pedestrian path next to the road I was on. It was not yet finished, so the transition from the road to the path was not smooth. There...
  6. table tennis sport

    This is almost certainly a Bot.
  7. Daily Show: To Tokyo with Love

    Has this segment officially halted?
  8. World Table Tennis Macao 2020

    My Fire TV Cube seems to be outputting 60 fps. Seems being the key word, the actual stream is 30.
  9. Um... Hi!

    The above post (about an image sharing site) is clearly spam. But for some reason I cannot use the "report" function.
  10. SARS-CoVID-2/ CoVID-19/ CoronaVirus: Information Only from Well Informed Members

    As one of the members who takes a sartan every day, I am very encouraged to hear this. Thank you.
  11. I am 15 years old, what is the chance of becoming a professional?

    For the OP, look at this video at around 6 minutes in.
  12. Caronavirus & Tokyo 2020

    I am asthmatic and as a result have a fairly persistent cough, by which I mean at some point every day I will have a coughing fit, often two or three times a day. I also cycle a lot, and bought, some time ago, a box of procedure face masks to avoid swallowing insects on sunny days cycling in...
  13. TABLE TENNIS BEEF! | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 9

    I had not realised that PR was from Mauritius. My wife is from there; been many times. He must be close on the best player in that country, if he still plays there at all.
  14. Ping Pong Trick Shots | Quarantine Edition

    Rare sighting of 2 toilet rolls...
  15. World Veteran Championships 2020 in Bordeaux (France)

    For me it's about the flights, and I have insurance. Would still have preferred to go.
  16. World Veteran Championships 2020 in Bordeaux (France)

    This has now officially been "postponed".
  17. Caronavirus & Tokyo 2020

    I don't think I was talking about diabetes? Although I am diabetic, but hey. My point is that when next autumn arrives in the northern hemisphere, if the virus is still around anywhere in the world, we need to avoid going through the whole cycle again. Previous "pandemics" in this century...
  18. What kind of software your club/association uses?

    Office 365 has nothing to do with the 365 TT software.
  19. Caronavirus & Tokyo 2020

    The only issue with "summer will kill it", is the fact that the virus is all over the world, and even in some northern hemisphere countries, the temperature will not rise to high enough levels. What happens next September/October...