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  1. Yinhe Jupiter 3 Amazing Rubber

    I'm tempted. Is there a UK supplier for Jupiter 3 Asia? Anyone advise? Bought a Sanwei CC blade due to Michael's review, if my memories right. I love it.
  2. Setup suggestion/Technique Problem ?

    Technique looks excellent I'd be very pleased to have achieved that shape in 2 years. Well done. Do you do many random drills? I also have the bad a habit of watching my shots. Random training forces me to focus on the other player, keep my strokes compact and reset.
  3. Endurance exercises

    I'm afraid I kind of agree with the suggestions. It's not my idea of fun, but extra fitness work away from the table has worked for me. I used to find drilling very painful and often be struggling for breath. I'm too old to say I find anything easy now but my TT training endurance has...
  4. Organising practice nights

    Used to be 10 people or more waiting around per session but the booking system has changed that, it allows a max 12 people and the 2 sessions per night means that most players are catered for, providing they bother to book.
  5. Organising practice nights

    We have 2 sessions per night (1.5 hours each), 6 tables, 12 players each session arranged via an online booking system. The coach sorts attendees into 2 groups, usually higher level players together and mixes up partners during the session every 30 mins.
  6. Match Tactics, how to analyse before, during and after a match

    Against LP I normally opt for mixing in no spin serves and trying to finish the rally quickly rarely using much topspin. Recently played a higher LP player and somehow got into rallies where I was loading up FH topspins, the ball was coming back lower and lower, after 4/5 I was in trouble...
  7. Emma Raducanu

    Yes, I believe she has a Romanian father and Chinese mother. Obviously a very talented tennis player but was wondering about her table tennis after that brief glimpse on the BBC.
  8. Emma Raducanu

    The BBC News tonight was trailed with a very brief clip of Emma Raducanu playing table tennis and even mentioned our lowly sport however it cut any mention/footage in the main article. Anyone know of Raducanu's table tennis pedigree?
  9. How far can we go? You will not believe it ?

    Enjoyed your film, great fun and great skill. I still mess up my serve from the normal distance but want to give this a go. 😀
  10. Rakza Z - struggling B&B with the feel of the rubber

    Hello all, I recently put some Fastarc G1 and Rakza Z max on my offensive blade. Was hoping to save some money and go for well known rubbers. I've played with Rakza 7 and liked it, I instantly liked the feel of the G1, seems to have a high throw but generally happy. The Rakza Z however feels...
  11. Racket for 7-yr-old kid? Racket for 55-yr-old dad of the kid?

    😪 That's tough to hear, I'm hoping that starting junior coaching groups will mean a new circle of friends and a pull to the game.
  12. Racket for 7-yr-old kid? Racket for 55-yr-old dad of the kid?

    Hi Lula, I like your advice and appreciate it comes from experience but wondering, as a playing parent and novice coach, what the balance is. Without technique I think (though I could be wrong) that it's hard for a 7 year old to play a rally and enjoy the game. So how much should we practice...
  13. Racket for 7-yr-old kid? Racket for 55-yr-old dad of the kid?

    Hi Rod, Like you I'm a 55 year old dad to a 7 year old, except I have a boy, so I'm very interested to hear responses to your post. My son played with a small sized bat previously, a cheap Artengo blade with good rubber, he now uses my old full size Nittaku (Septear Lead) blade with worn...
  14. TT Hub Shop recommended?

    Anyone in the UK recommend the TT Hub online retailer? They've got a base in Yorkshire so all looks good. Never bought from them, be grateful for your opinion.
  15. Oculus Quest 2 Table Tennis Paddle in EU?

    Hi, anyone help me with a Quest 2 adapter, just got my VR. I'm after a small, flared handle that's not too heavy, if that's possible. Also need to be easy to use and able to order as I can't get it printed. From what I can see the Sanlaki is anatomic and heavy, there's a blue (167g) option...
  16. PALIO Ak47

    IS there a UK retailer of AK47? I'd like to buy light rubber for my son but don't fancy AliExpress. If that's the only option anyone recommend an Ali shop?
  17. Virtual Reality | ELEVEN Table Tennis

    I'm likely to for a 64gb Quest 2, is that the best option in its price range and sufficient hard disk space? I'll be playing Eleven only but my 7 year may venture into other games if the headset fits.
  18. Virtual Reality | ELEVEN Table Tennis

    Tempted by Eleven but have read about users inactive Facebook accounts rendering the Occulus hardware useless.Is this a real danger? Any major pitfalls?cheers
  19. My Training Routine

    Random exercises? Kill my poor footwork. Flicks and long balls mixed, stepping in and out?