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  1. DHS Hurricane bat for sale

    Hi all have a bat to sell ideally as one but am open to offers on the components. It is brand new never used. DHS Hurricane Long 5 Flared blade Black Hurricane Neo National 39 Blue Sponge Max Red Hurricane Neo National 37 Orange Sponge 2.1 Total value is EUR325/£300 Am in the UK and can...
  2. FS: Nittaku Violin with Dignics 05 and Tibhar EL-S

    Hi all - just to say that all items offered in this thread are no longer available. best regards
  3. How hard are CNT H3 after boosting?

    Do people immediately boost the H3 Neo National Blue Sponge. I thought I’d read that the top ones don’t need it?
  4. FS: Nittaku Violin with Dignics 05 and Tibhar EL-S

    Hi Womble. Yes all of it still available. Best wishes.
  5. Backhand rubber for Hurricane Long 5

    Tangential question which Wrighty or other UK users may know - is there anywhere you can take a bat in London to pay to get it made up professionally? I know how to change a basic rubber but for more expensive equipment I'd ideally like to pay someone to get it exactly right. Many thanks
  6. FS: Nittaku Violin with Dignics 05 and Tibhar EL-S

    Hi all, just bumping this thread after a month which I believe is allowed. I would now take £150 for the whole bat (plus UK postage) If anyone is interested in the parts I would take £75 for the Nittaku Violin blade or £55 for the Dignics 05 Red 2.1 (plus postage in each case) Just to repeat...
  7. Backhand rubber for Hurricane Long 5

    Hi everyone, I've been tempted by reading too many TT forums and had a bit of spare cash so have got myself a Hurricane Long 5 with a Neo National Blue Sponge 39 on the FH as I want to give it a go while I'm not playing too many serious matches. Any thoughts on a BH rubber. Most of my attacks...
  8. FS: Nittaku Violin with Dignics 05 and Tibhar EL-S

    Thanks for the prompt Lodro, apologies am relatively new here.
  9. Rubber recommendations for new Super ZLC blades

    Hi all, My favoured setup after a summer of trialling is Viscaria with Tenergy 05 Max FH and Tenergy 80 1.9 BH. With a birthday coming up and my wife asking for present ideas I am thinking of asking for the Fan Zhendong Super ZLC. Does anyone with experience of these blades have...
  10. FS: Nittaku Violin with Dignics 05 and Tibhar EL-S

    You know how you sometimes pick up a bat and it feels right straight away. And then sometimes the total opposite. I've done 2 x 2 hour practice sessions with this setup and it just doesn't work for me. I'm going back to carbon blades. This is a Nittaku Violin blade with Dignics 05 Max on red...
  11. Super ZLC blades and best rubbers

    Hi everyone, I'd love some equipment advice from more experienced players. I'm trying to set myself up for the coming season as best I can and have been testing various combinations of wood and carbon blades. I've come to the conclusion that I do want a really fast carbon blade because at my...
  12. Best rubbers for Nittaku Violin

    Thanks Zwill and Wrighty for such quick and helpful replies. I'll take a look at all the options you've suggested. It's great to hear Dignics05 pairs well with Violin. I think my FH technique can take it but I don't have the attacking skill on the backhand to manage a D80. The Rakza Z is...
  13. Best rubbers for Nittaku Violin

    Apologies, accidental double post as a newbie... Please do delete
  14. Best rubbers for Nittaku Violin

    Hi everyone, new here and relatively new back to the game after a decade hiatus. I've been playing with Viscaria and Tenergy 05FH at 2.1 and Tenergy 80BH at 1.9. I love the serves and shots I can produce on my FH but am accepting I am not anywhere near an elite player and would ideally like a...