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  1. Advice needed about Ping Pong table layout

    The 5' x 9' size gives some very useful extra room for more train track verses the 4' x 8' size of typical plywood. These best ping pong paddles size plywood used to be available and may still be. One-half inch thickness should be heavy enough if you build a frame. If so you can add your own...
  2. Recommended Paddle for an Intermediate player

    I would go to this best ping pong paddles for intermediate players. When I used this new paddle for the first time, I was amazed at how well it spins and controls. After only using the paddles that came with the table, these are a huge improvement. Taking second place in our city's annual...
  3. Backhand Rubber suggestions

    dhs hurricane 301 alc
  4. Outdoor Table Tennis Table Recommendation

    Thanks guys for the suggestion!!
  5. Outdoor Table Tennis Table Recommendation

    Hi, I am looking to get an outdoor table tennis table to play in my backyard. I was going to put it over grass. I have do not have the room for an indoor table. However, while looking at them, the first thing which came to mind is the differences in thickness. I feel that no matter which...
  6. Backhand Rubber suggestions

    Oviously i will go with the Victas V>15 stiff