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  1. C-Pen vs J-Pen vs K-Pen read M4, the whole document is interesting, for example on page 13 it says "For racket coverings which are sold with multiple versions of sponge, a different country of origin statement may be used for each version, in order to specify...
  2. SDC Handmade Blades

    @hipnotic, have you ever worked with pear wood? According to the numbers I could find it seems to be hard without being stiff. I could imagine cool compositions, for example using this as a medial ply (Framiré-Pear-Ayous-SAC-Ayous-Pear-Framiré).
  3. SDC Handmade Blades

    I thought Aramid is yellow, but on the pic it looks white...?
  4. SDC Handmade Blades

    Different question, I assume you've tried a 45 degrees rotation of different fibers... Is it possible to generalize how this affects the characteristics of a blade in comparison to 0 or 90 degrees? Or does it depend on the fiber used?
  5. SDC Handmade Blades

    Already sold? This one is one of the best, if not the best design i've seen from you Sergio
  6. SDC Handmade Blades

    Sergio - regarding the blade with the cork handle: how do you call this kind of Flared handle shape? It seems to be quite different from the usual Flared shape (like Viscaria?) you use. I like it.
  7. SDC Handmade Blades

    Basswood: density slightly above Spuce/Ayous, hardness in the middle between Spruce and Ayous, but speed should be noticably below the two. Mahogany: density/hardness about the same as Koto, but not as dynamic I would guess.
  8. SDC Handmade Blades

    Hi Sergio, I'm curious, what do you think would layers of aluminium or copper do to the blade's properties in comparison to something like carbon, have you tried those two already? Best Regards