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  1. Rakza Z vs Golden Tango PS vs Nittaku Sieger PK50

    Thanks for making the effort! So slightly less bouncy from PK50. I will probably try the pk50 given the current shortage of Rakza Z and PK50 also more suitable for beginner - intermediate . I guess I just need a all-around rubber that I can feel confident to improve on.
  2. Rakza Z vs Golden Tango PS vs Nittaku Sieger PK50

    Nittaku h3 turbo orange is really heavy, mine is 84g uncut. I heard the turbo blue is even heavier. Yeah, H8-80 is out of stock on tt11.
  3. Rakza Z vs Golden Tango PS vs Nittaku Sieger PK50

    Is it on PK50? That's great, I think that's what I am looking for. I really like H3 like short game. Currently I am using Nittaku H3 turbo orange and I feel it's great for short game. But it's too hard and heavy for my backhand. Looks like PK50 has a similar short game but also give you some...
  4. Rakza Z vs Golden Tango PS vs Nittaku Sieger PK50

    Even better! Sounds like PK50 is easier to control? Maybe I need to test how much catapult I can handle.
  5. Rakza Z vs Golden Tango PS vs Nittaku Sieger PK50

    As of thickness, it seems I need to experiment a little. My previous rubber Rakza 7 soft max is way too bouncy for me to receive. Maybe this time I will go with the middle option, 2.0 for Rakza Z and 1.8 for PK50
  6. Rakza Z vs Golden Tango PS vs Nittaku Sieger PK50

    Thanks all for the feedback! It sounds like Rakza Z is better fit for me since it's slower and less bouncy. And people are also liking it more on BH. Hopefully it can save me some points in receiving. Nittaku Sieger PK 50 also come into sight. How does it compare to Rakza Z? I am asking...
  7. Rakza Z vs Golden Tango PS vs Nittaku Sieger PK50

    Hi I am choosing between Rakza Z and golden tango ps for my backhand. I want to play short game and flick opener well on my backhand. Any suggestion between the 2? Also what's the difference between Rakza Z 2.0 and max? I often don't find comparison of the thickness. Is there a general...
  8. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Would trying Rakza 7 from Rakza 7 soft make sense? I am thinking since I like the rest of the rubber (driving, and the auto blocking) and all I want is higher engagement point?
  9. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Could you elaborate on why not tacky? They seems to provide more control in general. Requiring more strength is the only downside I can think of right now. Thanks!
  10. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Thanks all for the feedback! It seems 1) Rakza 7 soft is already easy to control and slow. But with its low engagement point, controlling short game could be harder than a high engagement point rubber. 2) Grinding skill is probably first option. 3) If really need to switch rubber, something...
  11. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    I will def grind a bit more. Maybe give it a month or two to see if my receiving / pushing can be improved. Thanks!
  12. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Thanks! That seems the easiest (and cheapest) experiment I can do. Is Rakza Z also slower? If so that would be nice to try! H8-80 also sounds interesting.
  13. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Yeah that's how I feel. It's hard for me to estimate the spin level and adjust the racket angle and decide how hard to push. It's especially so when receive fast long (top or back) side spin serves.
  14. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Thanks! I will look into those rubbers.
  15. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    My technique is definitely an issue here. :) I am trying to gauge if it can be helped by equipment, or alternatively I already have the type of rubber I need and only the technique needs to be improved
  16. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Does low engagement point mean it will have catapult effect with a lower speed ball contacting the rubber, thus harder to control for slow speed?
  17. Transfering rubber

    Maybe that's a strong word to use and I want to find the style that I can play better also. I think my strength is movement and consistency. My weakness is receiving and short game.
  18. Backhand Rubber Suggestion

    Hi all, My current setup is FLZ ALC with rakza 7 soft on the backhand. I like the setup, except for receiving and pushing. It feels a little too bouncy and sensitive to spin. If I push/receive soft, then it's sensitive to strong spin. If I push harder to overwrite the spin, I often push too...
  19. Transfering rubber

    Yeah, that's probably the attitude. But I am also curious what rubber is best for my style + skill level, I hope to do some exp and then focus on training. (EJ's heart might reignite very soon...)
  20. Transfering rubber

    Good point! I need to improve my cutting skill a little for that haha