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  1. Blade upgrade

    Hi again, thanks a lot for your comments - I managed to play with a couple of blades from my club mates:Timo Boll ZLF (Tenergy 19/ Tenergy 19) - too soft for my liking, quite stable but suprisingly I had to put more effort into the shots than with my current setup Butterfly Gionis Carbon OFF...
  2. Blade upgrade

    Hi everyone! I've recently turned 20 and my father offered to buy me a new blade, as I've been playing with my current one for 5 years now and maybe it's a good time to make a small upgrade in quality. My current setup: Blade - Donic Persson Power Allround FH: Nittaku Fastarc G-1 BH: Raksa 7...
  3. Rubber upgrade

    I'm using Raksa 7, not Raksa 7 Soft. It has medium hardness.
  4. Rubber upgrade

    Hi, I'm coming back to this thread as my club offered to sponsor one rubber for each member, so I need to quickly choose a new one for the future :) Based on your recommendations earlier (thank you again) I built my current setup like this: Blade: Donic Persson PowerAllround FH: Nittaku Fastarc...
  5. Getting my first table tennis table, outdoor - anyone have experience?

    I was buying an outdoor table tennis table 2 years ago. Main thing you have to look for is the thickness of the table, the thicker it is the more it will resemble a professional ITTF indoor table. Thinner tables will result in a lower bounce, I've tried some of those ~7mm ones and the difference...
  6. Nittaku fastarc g-1 max thickness?

    I'm also curious to hear thoughts on Nittaku G-1 2.0 vs max comparison 😊
  7. Rubber upgrade

    After a discussion with Kuba, could anyone compare Raksa 7 to Xiom Vega Japan? For my backhand.
  8. Rubber upgrade

    Thank you! I'm going to choose Nittaku Fastarc G-1 for FH and Raksa 7 for BH :)
  9. Rubber upgrade

    Hello everyone!I’m looking to swap my current worn out rubbers for new ones. I’ve been playing table tennis for ~9 years, I trained for a short period of time as a kid, then played irregularly/casually and only recently I joined a local club to train couple times a week and compete in the lowest...