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  1. WIN A SIGNED Simon Gauzy blade

    Simon 11 - 4 Dan
  2. Need help

    Try with advanced search: So you can choose a lot of options. Also in single or multiple content type tab. Good luck.
  3. Need help

    Hi man, am a new here too, but i found that 3 letter are not enough to start a search, you need to type at least 4 letter, or something more specific. Or type it as one word, no space.
  4. Q: What kind is this Yasaka blade?

    That not my racket, i just wonder to buy it or not, its not cheap for a second hand - 45 €, in mind that this rubbers are cheap, this 7 ply wood should be good.
  5. Q: What kind is this Yasaka blade?

    Hello guys, please help me to recognize this blade? According the photos an old yasaka, but I didn't find any information. The seller also didn't know it. Thanks.
  6. Q: Stiga expert VM

    Thanks for advises, guys. Let's hope it's not sold.
  7. Q: Stiga expert VM

    Guys, is it worth it to buy this tennis tabble. I can find in used for 325 €. A little hit on the line, it can be seen on the first pic. Here are the spec: World Class Table! The ideal club table for training and competitions. ITTF aproved. The efficient joints and built-in wheels make this...
  8. Q: Beginner set

    Thanks a lot, Yogy, you really help me, i think that will be useful for other beginners.
  9. Q: Beginner set

    Thanks, mate. So above this high i should smash the ball, i mean strike, no trying to brush it?
  10. Q: Beginner set

    Yea, this tool is flexible, so i can move the ball at all direction. If that simulate a bouncing ball from the table, at what height should I adjust it? Maybe in the beginning more above, then gradually bring it closer to the table. I know, i should hit it at the top of the trajectory.
  11. Q: Beginner set

    Sorry for the off, but Yogi what is the optimal high between ball an the table, for practice?
  12. Q: Beginner set

    Thanks Yogi, that why i take Tibhar spin trainer, to train at home. Is this tool decent to use on purpose?
  13. Q: Beginner set

    My setup is Yasaka Sweden extra + Xiom Vega intro, both sides, and i like it a lot. Truly am not a beginner in TT, but i play mostly on amateur level. Now i try to do things, like i should, with brushing the ball, as i saw in many videos, but unfortunately i cant go at the club and hire a coach...
  14. Q: Beginner set

    Yogi, i think they are factory boosted, or? That why they are allowed to use in competition...
  15. Q: Beginner set

    Guys, we are talking about DHS Hurricane 3 National 40' blue sponge, not the commercial one. This one cost 100€, according TT11, where did you find it for 40€? Or maybe am wrong?
  16. Q: Beginner set

    I have buy it from a guy in my town, the rubber is 155/150 mm, 10 min play according to him. It really look like new one, and is very sticky. I asked him for the reason of the sale, his answer was, that he play with the defensive blade, and the rubber is very slow for him, and to play whit it...
  17. Q: Beginner set

    I have good offer for used one for 20 €, that why i ask for help.
  18. Q: Beginner set

    Can i use DHS Hurricane 3 National 40' blue sponge max thickness for FH on this blade?
  19. Q: Beginner set

    Thanks a lot, it is ordered - Yasaka Sweden extra + Xiom Vega intro
  20. Q: Beginner set

    Hi guys, I read all the possible topics on that subject, but I was more confused than makes me clear. Of all the suggestions, I chose ones from UpSideDownCarl, as mostly explained and logical to me. What I chose to buy as the first non-amateur blade are the following: 1) Stiga Allround Classic...