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  1. TTD on youtube???

    Still can't find it ☹ krunker
  2. Stiga Cybershape

    This could be a hard question for you to answer, but do you believe the cybershape would be well suited to short pimples on the forehand for a close to the table aggressive game? redactle
  3. long pimple for Cybershape

    I experimented with the cybershape and 755 LP if you're looking for an aggressive LP setup, this would be good. I tried it using 1.0mm sponge. coreball
  4. Battle 2 National

    Can you update more info? I'm looking to buy one.
  5. Wood vs Composite and rubber combinations

    The difficulty is that Viscaria is so tough that it cuts the feelings, while a softer and slower composite blade produces far better outcomes.
  6. How to Clean your Blades?

    Natural beeswax gives wood a nice sheen and protects it from perspiration to a certain extent; nevertheless, it has to be reapplied monthly or more often.
  7. Portable Table Tennis Ball Pitcher for decent price, Quality?

    For the price, I have no complaints about the product's quality. Your boredom will most likely set in before it quits functioning.
  8. Miu Hirano is back!?

    She deserves consideration for the team competition, but I believe the singles roster is set at this point
  9. Insights on Rakza lineup

    The most obvious change is probably the weight. The X soft version of Rakza is much heavier than the 7 soft. Xsoft has both more spines and more hardness. After using 7soft for a while, my spouse (C4, ex-C0) decided to try X soft and now claims to like it. Spin and maybe a lower throw are the...