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  1. Weird spin on Hurricane 3

    Pretty good discussion on how to use H3. Everyone that tries to switch to H3 should read this thread first.
  2. All Japan Championship 2020 Jan 13-19

    I saw these two young Japanese players have better footwork and forehand than Harimoto. It is not that surprised that they can beat him. It is a tough escape for Harimoto in the semi already when he was 1:3 down.
  3. All Japan Championship 2020 Jan 13-19

    TOGAMI has amazing footwork and power. He is the player to look at in the future.
  4. Oshima Vs Harimoto 4:3

    Why do you need to find excuses for a loss? A loss is a loss.
  5. Japan National Championships 2019

    It appears that Oshima has been playing quite well in this tournament.
  6. Japan National Championships 2019

    zeio, any live stream online?