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  1. Could someone help me out on which short pips rubber is most suitable for me?

    Butterfly Impartial XS. Very very fast and spinny; pretty close to an inverted rubber (as far as SP's go) so a good transition rubber.
  2. How will players qualify for Tokyo Olympics?

    Sporting events are being cancelled all over the place. It would be the height or irresponsibility if the Olympics were to still go ahead and I believe it will almost certainly be cancelled.
  3. Blade/Rubbers for 5yr old

    When my daughter started playing (at about age 6) I bought her this blade which I currently pair up with Palio AK47 soft sponge version rubbers.
  4. Rubber with a sponge hardness that can fluctuate

    I had a similar sort of idea a few years back: a rubber that plays like an attaching inverted rubber when the angle of contact with the ball if such that you're doing a topspin stroke, but when you play with the opposite angle (i.e a chopping motion) it plays more like a defensive / anti-spin...
  5. Donic Rubbers similar to Rakza 7?

    Mainly a cost issue. I can get a reasonable discount on Donic products through a Donic distributors' affiliation to my club, so it makes sense in the long term to use Donic rubbers rather than those of another brand. I also play with a Donic blade and my OCD would prefer that I had Donic rubbers...
  6. Donic Rubbers similar to Rakza 7?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I was thinking perhaps the Acuda S1 would be the closest match to Rakza 7.
  7. What do you think of using two pips out rubbers?

    Jonathan Thimon plays short pips on both sides, I believe. Plays to a high (world ranked) level.
  8. Looking for TSP Blazze All + blade

  9. Looking for TSP Blazze All + blade

    Trying to locate this blade in flared handle but I think it has been discontinued. Any ideas? Thanks Stuart
  10. SoulSpin New Era Handle Blades

    Looks like they copied some of the design of the Donic Dotec blades.
  11. Timo Boll Alc v Stiga Carbonado

    Can anyone with experience of both give me some thoughts on how the stiga series of blades compares to the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC. Which of the carbonado series would be closest to the alc, or are they all very different to it? Thanks
  12. SP sponge v Inverted sponge?

    Seems to be a trend with the more modern (more spinny) short pimples having softer sponge compared to modern inverted rubbers.I’m curious as to why the trend seems to be almost exclusively in the direction of softer sponges which – to me – seem to lack power compared to the much firmer sponges...
  13. S

    Hi Andy, just confirming the blade and rubbers have arrived! Cheers Stuart

    Hi Andy, just confirming the blade and rubbers have arrived! Cheers Stuart
  14. Knowing when to change rubber type (or not)?

    I 100% take your point on this, and he will carry on using inverted for now. But what is interesting is that even though we're talking about using SP's, we're still viewing the use of SP's "through the lense" of double inverted play in the sense that the "proper" stroke is deemed to be an...
  15. Knowing when to change rubber type (or not)?

    When I say I'm thinking of SP, what I meant was a very spinney (almost inverted like) SP. Something like what Mattias Falck uses where it seems that you play pretty much the same sort of stroke as you would with an inverted, but you just have the blade face a bit more open. I wasn't really...
  16. Knowing when to change rubber type (or not)?

    Of course I would love my son to become a professional TT player. But aside from that I just want my son to reach the highest level that he possibly can. The dilemma is does he do that by sticking with inverted (which is potentially not the most natural fit) or does he switch to SP (which might...
  17. Knowing when to change rubber type (or not)?

    That's a very good point; he doesn't have access to a coach that is a specialist in SP, so even if SP's might be more of a natural fit for him, the level of coaching in how to use then wouldn't be as good as it would be with inverted. I'll keep him on the inverted for the time being and we'll...
  18. Knowing when to change rubber type (or not)?

    My son (10 years old) has been playing table tennis for about 18 months and receiving relatively regular coaching for about the last year. His game has come on a lot, but the main problem with his game is that he gives away too many points on unforced errors, especially because he has a real...
  19. Is double inverted the most viable setup to play?

    Agree that the SP's have some weaknesses compared to inverted...but all rubbers are a trade off and do some things better and some things worse than other rubber types. That's why I say a fast and spinny SP like the one Mattias uses; something that is relatively close to an inverted as far as...