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  1. fzd super alc vs viscaria super alc

    Thanks for sharing ! its a subtle point but it indeed does make a difference !
  2. fzd super alc vs viscaria super alc

    Can anybody help by comparing the two, people who have actually played with both of them. The butterfly matrix ( )puts them on the same spot. So i was curious if there is any real difference in feeling, blade handle ... etc.
  3. WTT Champions Xinxiang 2023

    I am guessing this is a joke . I have been fortunate to play in tables next to Kanak for a good chunk of time , believe me he is anything but robotic. For a large part of his development , his dad would actually get frustrated because he would try to be too creative , lobbing, fishing and...
  4. WTT Champions Xinxiang 2023

    I am doing good NL .. good to hear from you ! Indeed beautiful days are ahead ! ha ha . ! .... Got the context now .. by the way do you know the nickname of CCY in taiwan is something like "The Professor or The teacher" .. because his technique is so pure ... I have always found it easier to...
  5. WTT Champions Xinxiang 2023

    Well I had the good fortune of seeing CCY In person in Fremont feeder .. to me he felt like somebody who never loses his form .. under pressure or not .. so does holding form ( which is a good thing and probabaly because his footwork and anticipation is pretty much "on point" most of the times )...
  6. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Well they havnen't dealt with anybody like Der_Echte ... Der_Echte be like ...
  7. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Der_Echte are you trying to stir up trouble or trying to make me cry :) ... I see you have completed your mission in Sacramento !
  8. Butterfly Tenergy 19

    ha ha .. here is my excuse :) ... well it was late and der_echte was prodding me to post .. so I had to come up with something ..
  9. Butterfly Tenergy 19

    I think its more of a mathematical puzzle e.g. find the operators that satisfies 80 05 05 19 . . . . Ans : (80 + 05) / 05 = 19 ... :cool:
  10. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    you should try different things to mix it up, do things that make you uncomfortable but be serious while doing it.
  11. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    ... the combination is especially good if you have William the troublemaker for company :)
  12. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    Actually what Baal did was the right thing to do , celebrities should be responsible enough to know what is true before putting it in their social media , there are lots of "blind lovers" who would go jump from a cliff if their idol told them ...
  13. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    What about the cost there ? Here we had the 2 person combo with beef and pork and we shelled out 73 USD plus tips ... which in a korean restaurant is expected to be higher than 15% since they take care of you more ... have to admit Der is a "smooth criminal" when it comes to Korean waitresses :)...
  14. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Thanks @NextLevel ... hopefully will be able to come back in a few months , need to lose weight before I do and its been a struggle especially since I quit smoking and started working out for 2 months now and they kind of cancelled each other so far ... @Der_Echte , it was a winner alright , I...
  15. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    its the one year anniversary of my stopping to play because of tennis elbow ... but I can't refuse a summon from the Chief Troublemaker of the west coast chapter :)
  16. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Der_Echte getting water ...
  17. Learning UNPREDICTABLE Backspin & No Spin Serve

    70 to 80 percent of the serves are being hit behind the head ! No wonder its "unpredictable".;););)
  18. Wrist or no wrist in forehand

    Somebody qualified needs to see you in action to find out whats the right thing ... what about the third possibility that it has nothing to do with your wrist ?
  19. Wrist or no wrist in forehand

    excellent posts earlier by NextLevel and UpSideDownCarl ... my two cents ... Is wrist an essential component of any table tennis stroke .. yes ... tabletennis is a very fast game so you will need to use your small muscles as much as possible the closer you are the table . Here is a golden rule...
  20. World Team Cup 2019

    I did not know Kanak has haters ... the haters must be working real hard to find reasons to hate him