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  1. New blade advice ?

    Thanks for the help guys!
  2. New blade advice ?

    Also, any thoughts on Innerforce Layer ZLC? thanks!
  3. New blade advice ?

    Seems I can’t post links yet, but the nittaku acoustic available on the shop is the one without inner/outer carbon, I wonder if will be too slow compared with timo boll alc? good tip on the types of rubbers for the nittaku, thank you! i heard the viscaria súper alc got more direct shots than...
  4. New blade advice ?

    Thanks Brs! Makes sense. somebody told me that ZJK isn’t worth for the price, but heard great things about it, lin yu zlc is another one that seems good, I might go with something like you mentioned to have variety to test. Thanks!
  5. New blade advice ?

    Not sure why my previous post isn’t showing. forgot to mention the Nittaku acoustic on the shop is the one without inner / outer carbon. im afraid of having that feel of lack of power, I wonder if viscaria / acoustic might be similar to the waldner senso ultra carbon I had previously? That one...
  6. New blade advice ?

    I’m really happy with Timo Boll ALC, took me a while to get used, but I’m visiting a great table tennis shop in Europe (in on my honeymoon currently and thinking in table tennis 🤪) so I want to pick a couple blades and rubbers since got great stock and prices, as well as for further testing...
  7. New blade advice ?

    New blade advice 🙏 Hello guys, I have a Timo Boll ALC with Tenergy 05 hard on FH and Dignics 05 on BH. Before I had a Waldner Senso Ultra Carbón with T05 on FH and T05 FX on BH. I enjoyed both of my previous blades, the control con the Waldner Senso and the power on the Timo Boll ALC I’m...