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  1. LaLiga

    Yesterday Barça showed great character! Griezman was playing great in attack!
  2. LaLiga

    Garcia is a good option, a young prospect, a graduate of La Masia. But I would like to buy someone authoritative, like Van Dijk (fantasy).
  3. LaLiga

    Yes, Frankie has become the leader of the midfield. But we still want quality defenders.
  4. Ma Long service video analysis (Footwork pattern)

    Super, very accessible and understandable video. Well shot!
  5. LaLiga

    Congratulations to all of us on Barcelona qualifying for the 1/4 cup! Let's learn to enjoy the little things))
  6. LaLiga

    The president of Atletico Madrid stated: It's simple. We always understood that Luis Suarez is the best center forward in Europe. We are lucky to have him with us now.
  7. What football team do you support?

    Indeed, the spirit of the team is strong! Just look at the final against Milan. Although I was rooting for Milan that night...
  8. What football team do you support?

    We'll be waiting!
  9. What football team do you support?

    It would be great, but it is unlikely that he will move at the height of his fame to a club with a lot of problems and unclear management
  10. What football team do you support?

    Exactly, it didn't surprise me at all that Jurgen was named Coach of the Year despite being knocked out of the Champions League.
  11. What football team do you support?

    I agree, at the moment Liverpool are showing one of the most sympathetic games.
  12. LaLiga

    So far they have a very good rhythm, but in the second half of the championship they often have a slump. See how it goes this year.
  13. LaLiga

    Pedri had a very decent match yesterday!
  14. LaLiga

    Yes, I think the Champions League zone will not leave us. Atletico are good, they made a good run, and by the looks of it Suarez is on form.
  15. LaLiga

    It seems to me that neither Villarreal nor Real Sociedad will pull a high rhythm throughout the season.
  16. LaLiga

    Yes, the goal for this season is to stay in the Champions League zone, and not to embarrass ourselves in matches with PSG!
  17. LaLiga

    The match against Eibar is a nightmare:confused:
  18. LaLiga

    What I love about the English premier league more than la liga is the boxing day. Such tension, lots of matches - super!
  19. McDonalds Spam and Oreos burger in China!

    I think it's already a food perversion...;)
  20. LaLiga

    The main thing is that after his recovery he quickly regained his playing form!