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  1. Need help changing FH rubber please!!!!

    Thank you for the information.
  2. Need help changing FH rubber please!!!!

    Hi everyone, I’m currently using Evolution MX-S on FH with Xiom Ignito ply. In my recent tournament I played very poorly with my forehand top spins going long most of the time. A senior player recommended me to switch to a slower rubber, can anyone please suggest me one! NOTE: I like to open...
  3. Can anyone please review my setup?

    Hi all, My current setup is: Blade: Xiom Ignito FH: Tibhar Genius (max) BH: Tibhar Evolution MX-S (max) I recently came to know that it's not recommended to use hard rubbers on a stiff blade. This setup works decently while playing far from the table but I have trouble receiving serves and...
  4. Hi all

    Hey everyone, I am daily learning new things about table tennis. Never knew that so tt equipments will have so much variety. Excited to learn from the community....