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  1. ITTF Finals 2020

    get tested
  2. Marvellous 12 2020

    WCQ is commentating for the media these days.
  3. CNT's WTTC Warm-Up Matches

    Austia national team train with CNT together. quite funny. CNT girls also played against Austria men(and wined). there's also videos. but mens surrender 2-4 points to the girls. the match start from like girls 4:1 in the lead.
  4. Marvellous 12 2019

    it's said that... DN 1-4 Liu Yan(retired) CM 1-4 Xia Yizheng ZYL 1-4 Niu KaiGuan SYS 1-4 Cao wei WMY 0-4 Ren Hao
  5. Marvellous 12 2019

    the host:how will you spend the money? a millian RMB? FZD: I haven't thought about it, but i will leave it after Budapest. the host: very well,and how about you,CM? CM: first I'd like to thank chairman Liu and the sponsor... LGL: bull shit. bull shit. Her dad is coming here wait (for the money)...
  6. Marvellous 12 2019

    congrats to the millianers
  7. Marvellous 12 2019

    FZD's interview after match:"we are too familiar with each other mabe just except the weight."... cute boy
  8. Marvellous 12 2019

    Malong come to watch the war between the fatties.
  9. Marvellous 12 2019

  10. Marvellous 12 2019

    20:50 local time fatty against fatty,
  11. Marvellous 12 2019

    the opening ceremony on 2.28- astronaut show
  12. Marvellous 12 2019

    ittf present here watching the game...
  13. Marvellous 12 2019

    CM vs SYS now, Li XiaoXia & Zhangqin is now commentating LSW vs Wuyang on another table.
  14. Marvellous 12 2019

    tonight 20:50 WMY vs DN ZYL vs CXT 21:30 WCQ vs XF XX vs YanAn 22:10 LSW vs CM SYS vs DN local time
  15. Marvellous 12 2019

    WangNan: "I'm not very close to FZD, but last time on the Marvellous 12, 2017, I met him in the elevator, he lost some match on the first two days and was so disappointed, i told him you still have matches later on, you have a lot of chance. and finally he got good result and he sent message to...
  16. Marvellous 12 2019

    WangNan and ChenBin are the commentators for today. Lixiaoxia was for yesterday. ZhangYiNing maybe for tomorrow.
  17. Marvellous 12 2019

  18. Marvellous 12 2019

    don't miss the match between CM & WMY. it's crazy 5 sets 3 duse 90 minutes...
  19. Marvellous 12 2019

    yeah, live from 13:00-22:00 local time. FZD just beat LGY 3:2
  20. Marvellous 12 2019