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  1. Real hurricane?

    taobao official dhs shop
  2. Real hurricane?

    The code does work but I am still scared if the maker stole another real dhs product code and pasted it.
  3. Real hurricane?

    Is this real hurricane 3 national or not? Thank you.
  4. oxidizing hurricane 3 national blue

    I have been using the butterfly rubber cleaner as well as using a case, I'm pretty sure this is a fake as the packaging was different to my coach's h3. But I'm still wondering if oxidation affects performance. Thank you
  5. oxidizing hurricane 3 national blue

    My hurrciane 3 blue sponge national is oxidizing 2 month from first opened. I boosted the rubber and always kept it in a case with film. Why did this happen?
  6. Boosting on hurricane 3 national 41 degree

    How many layer of falco tempo long booster should I put on my hurricane 3 national 41 degree. Thank you
  7. Hurricane 3 national

    Falco tempo long booster is VOC free right? Thank you very much
  8. Hurricane 3 national

    Thank you very much
  9. Hurricane 3 national

    I have a few questions: Are boosters harmful to health of a person? If it is then is it better to use get the neo or normal national hurricane 3 blue sponge? Thanks