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  1. Xiom vega japan

    Also... I use great blade Victas balsa 5.5 which is all+ with great control... Like it.
  2. Xiom vega japan

    I like fh spiny rubber but not to fast and not to hard with higher arc. Thats why I tried Tenergy 80 fx and its to fast. Andro hexer grip sfx is nice, but a bit to low spin. Also I tried andro R42, spiny yes, but maybe to hard. I am using xiom vega euro on bh and I realy like it, but for fh is...
  3. Donic m3

    How is the grip and spin conpared to tenergy 05fx? Any comparison with andro hexer grip sfx or tibhar elp?
  4. Tenergy 64fx

    For donic s2, how about speed, spin, control compare to other rubbers?
  5. Tenergy 64fx

    Arc throw from highest to lowest: 25fx>05fx>80fx>64fx.
  6. Red and Black are different?

    Same brand, same model, both rubbers new, a bit more speed and apin has black rubber.
  7. Tenergy 64fx

    I use 64fx on TSP Balsa 6.5 and it has low vibration as Viscaria (I presume). Anyway for this kind of game you described (short pushes, blocks) is realy great (specialy 05fx is not so good for pushes and short game). 80fx it has nice grip and spin.. All in all I would put it on bh...
  8. What rubbers to change to?

    If you like more flat hits use Rozena, if you ise also spiny shots than use for Bh: andro hexer grip sfx, donic m3 or tibhar fx-p, xiom vega europe Fh (just a bit harder and faster, not much) : Tibhar el-p, Andro R42, donic m2, butterfly 80fx Also I recommend blade TSP balsa 5.5 or 6.5 (light...
  9. Tibhar el-p vs andro r42 - short game

    Hi, Which one is better for passive, short push game? I need replies to choose right one...
  10. Tibhar fx-p vs donic m3

    Any reply?
  11. Tibhar fx-p vs donic m3

    Hi, any comparison in speed, arc grip, spin,...?
  12. Donic waldner senso carbon vs primorac

    Hi, any comprasion in speed, hardnes, spin, etc.. I like to play noear the table with allround style. Also, important, which jas more weight?
  13. TIBHAR FX P and Abdro hexer grip sfx

    Tibhar FX P and Andro hexer grip SFX Any comparison?
  14. Looking pure Wood blade for developing my skill , Korbel etc

    allround for beginers and intermediate/ Yasaka sweden classic Tibhar allround 50 Donic 6.5 new impulse Yasaka balsa classi Butterfly Primorac Good luck
  15. Blade for Tibhar EL-P

    I like all/all+ blades (for example yasaka Sweden Classic) and I am interested if this kind of blade is proper for rubber Tibhar EL-P? I play allround/offensive game with fh and bh... p.s. I am planing to buy Tibhar EL-P...
  16. Samsonov Alpha SGS vs Samsonov Premium Contac

    Hi, difference Samsonov Alpha SGS vs Samsonov Premium Contact ?
  17. Butterfly Rozena and Donic Acuda S2

    Hi, does anybidy have experience with these 2 runbers? Whats the difference in hardnes, speed, spin,... All info is more than welcome.
  18. Yasaka rakza 7 soft

    Hi, difference bewtween: - yasaka rakza 7 soft vs andro hexer grip or - yasaka 7 soft vs Butterfly Rozena? Best regards