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  1. Thoughts on JOOLA Infinity Robot

    I guess people don't want to get scammed again like with trainerbot and are hesitant. But if it is from a major company, I trust it since their brand image is on the line while some people can just run away with the money.
  2. Thoughts on JOOLA Infinity Robot

    they are at 35% now with 15 days remaining... i think they are following the trend of larger companies crowdfunding
  3. Thoughts on JOOLA Infinity Robot

    How does the tennirobo compare to the rest of these robots? I saw their website from the other thread on here titled is trainerbot a scam? Their website looks a little sketchy and outdated and the robot is very small. Has anyone bought it?
  4. Thoughts on JOOLA Infinity Robot

    I just saw that they also made a new update with a comparison chart. I didnt realize the upper end robots are so expesnive and has less features. Is their comparison chart true?
  5. Thoughts on JOOLA Infinity Robot

    I decided to pick the iPong Trainer Motion bundle they have. I might as well get a robot for now since no words from the Chen brothers on trainerbot.
  6. Thoughts on JOOLA Infinity Robot

    I backed the Trainerbot over a year ago on Indiegogo and I was looking at the most recent comments and someone mentioned that Joola just launched their own table tennis robot on Kickstarter. It has all the features and more (recycle net) compared to the trainer bot and is a little more...