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  1. Victas 102 vs nittaku moristo sp

    Hello . I use victas 102 on backhand and i am thinking to give a try to moristo sp. Can someone give me a comparison of two rubbers?my blade is Donic Original True Carbon Thanks in advance.
  2. Rasanter R45

    I also test r45. It's a great rubber.The weight in 2.0 is 67 grams.
  3. Andro hexer pips

    Hi ! I am looking to buy a new pips rubber for my forehand. I saw in andro catalog the hexer series. andro hexer pips Andro hexer pips plus Andro hexer pips force. What to do you propose to use? my current blade is stiga 145. Thanks in advance !
  4. Blade for short pips?

    I was in opposite side. I used ma lin carbon ,stiga 45, stiga infinity. But was slow for me. Now I use stiga 145 with stiga symmetry on forhand and donic bluestorm z3 on backhand.
  5. Blade for short pips?

    I dont think that ma lin extra offensive work well with short pips.i think you have to choose a carbon blade . Not to fast but carbon.
  6. Blade for short pips?

    I also play with short pips but on my forhand.yasaka ma lin carbon is stiff and hard also is slower than treiber co. It will great choice in my opinion and of course cheaper than stiga 45 and treiber co.
  7. Blade for short pips?

    Andro treiber co or stiga carbonado 45 is the answer
  8. Donic blade with sp

    Falc last year used ma lin soft carbon and falck carbon prototype.
  9. Donic blade with sp

    Because I like it as brand and in addition I can find them in special prices!
  10. Donic blade with sp

    Hello I am still a little confused about which blade work good with sort pips. Can someone suggest me a carbon blade from donic that work well with short pips? I use stiga symmetry on fh.
  11. From rasander r42 to hexer

    Hi Now I play with andro rasander 42 in both sides with stiga carbonado 45. But i want to try something else. So i am thinking to try andro hexer powersponge sfx. Can someone compare them ? Thanks
  12. WIN A SIGNED Simon Gauzy blade

    Simon 11 dan 7
  13. Carbonato 45 vs treiber ci.

    Hello. I thinking to give a try to stiga carbonado 45 or to andro treiber ci . I will use rasander 42 rubbers. Can you compare these two blades ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Vertical vs horizontal short pips

    Hello I am new in short pips so I dont have a lot of knowledge. I see some rubbers have vertical structure and other have horizontal structure. What is the difference in play ? Thanks.
  15. Blade for short pips?

    Does anyone know the weight of stiga symmetry?
  16. Blade for short pips?

    Blades that already i have are Yasaka ma lin carbon ,stiga carbonato 45
  17. Blade for short pips?

    I am advanced player I play many years .Now I play with andro treiber co with rasander 47 in both sides.
  18. Blade for short pips?

    Hello I am thinking to start play with sort pips in forehand side and I want your help. What kind of blades is best for short pips?
  19. Yasaka alnade

    Thanks Giangt
  20. Yasaka alnade

    You mean alnade more stiff and faster ?